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Fall Ball: St. John’s, Army, Harvard

This past weekend, St. John’s and Harvard traveled to West Point for a little outside scrimmage action. Fall ball is all about getting better, implementing fundamentals, working in new faces, checking out new gear, and most importantly, just playing some lacrosse!

For St. John’s, the big question marks were in goal and at the face-off X, with the graduation of 4-year starters Jeff Lowman and Jordan Rothman, respectively. Harvard and Army have questions of their own: How would the injury of John Glessener and the graduation of Garret Thul affect Army’s offensive production? Is this finally Harvard’s year to win the Ivy League and make a deep run into the NCAAs? So many questions…


Photo Credit: Joe Fitzgerald

Unfortunately, those questions will have to go unanswered for now. It is extremely tough to truly judge how good a team is based off of unofficial scores in meaningless games (at least in the sense of a permanent win-loss record). One only needs to take a look at Duke the last couple of years. They didn’t really look that good until a couple of games into the season, let alone the Fall, and then they won it all. So right now, expert analysis aside, we know only know one thing is certain… we’re in for another exciting season of college lacrosse!

Fall ball scores are completely unofficial and, as I have said above, they mean very little, but I heard that Harvard scored about 11 goals against Army, while the Black Knights only managed around 4. St. John’s then scored around 13 goals to Harvard’s 10, and Army then flipped the script completely, and put in 13 goals of their own on SJU, who only scored 7. If you can make some sort of prediction for the Spring based off of that then you’re a better man than I.

The teams were able to get out, compete, and get in a good day of lacrosse. There were ups and downs for each squad, but it seemed like the day created a productive set of fall scrimmages.

It’s interesting to note that this is the third equipment company St. John’s is using in three years. What do you think of that new Under Armour lacrosse gear?