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Best Modern Lacrosse Gloves
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Five Best Modern Lacrosse Gloves

Lacrosse gloves have come a long way over the past couple of years in quality and in design. While some lacrosse gloves have been left in the past, there has certainly been some that stand out among the rest to be the best of the modern era.

From the Brine King to the Maverik Rome, there have been many great glove lines in recent years. Unlike many other pieces of gear, gloves are often customizable and become an extension of the players’ personalities on the field. For all you gearheads like me out there, I think you’ll have a special appreciation for this read.

Disclaimer: These are my own opinions and are in no specific order but rather just a combined list.

Five Best Modern lacrosse gloves

Maverik Rome Gloves

I think we can all remember the day the original Maverik Rome lacrosse gloves dropped. It was elegant yet aggressive with their multicolored leather palms and stitched outer layer. These looked like the gloves a king would wear before entering battle. The Rome gloves were so clean compared to the rest of the gloves on the market at the time.

On top of just looking good, it was rocked by many pro players of the era and had an extra clean look on the LXM Pro Tour. I can distinctly remember players rocking these mittens on the tour and just thinking to myself that I needed a pair more than anything else at the time. After owning a pair of these, I can also say that it offered optimal protection that would rival any other gloves of the era. The original Rome gloves then developed into several other versions, like the Rome NXTs and now the new Rome gloves – all of them just as clean looking as the originals.

True Temper ZeroLyte Gloves

Now these gloves are likely as new to you as they are to myself. Why are these on the list, you may ask? Because the Zerolyte glove represent the future of lightweight yet protective gloves that are form fitting. From the sleek outer layer to the extremely form-fitting palms, these feel like something out of the movie “Tron Legacy.”

However, the biggest reason these lacrosse gloves are on this list is their weight-to-protection ratio. I have fallen in love with how these gloves feel like I’m wearing nothing at all yet barely feel any checks to the hands. While the Zerolyte glove certainly receives style points, the tech behind the glove itself are the reason it made this list. After wearing these gloves all of the IBLA box season, I truly feel that these lacrosse gloves deserve to be recognized as one of the best of the modern era.

Warrior Evo Pro Gloves

Warrior has always been a staple brand in the lacrosse world, and that simply cannot be denied. While its lacrosse gloves have always been coveted and desirable, one pair set a new standard for Warrior glove design for years to come. The Warrior Evo Pro are the company’s elite lacrosse glove line all the way from its price point to its innovative design.

These are gloves worn by the elite, and that’s just as simple as it gets. I can remember when these were first released and seeing a lot of them in the MLL on Ohio Machine players. Right away, I knew they were the future of lacrosse gloves at the time. The Y shaped flexible piece on the back of the glove offered optimal hand movement without sacrificing too much protection….and it looked cool. All jokes aside, I think we can all agree at some point in time we really wanted a pair of these insane-looking gloves.

Brine King V Gloves

These gloves being here might be a surprise to many of you, but I truly feel this list cannot exist without the Brine King V. From the added protection on the molded plastic vents stitched into the gloves to the two-colored thumbs, these represented an industry shift in lacrosse glove design.

The palms were nothing special to write home about, but the attention to detail in the design of these gloves set them aside from other gloves on the market at the time. One of the coolest versions of these gloves to ever release were the Rob Pannell (RP3) editions that mixed in a lot of very clean colors into the design.

Stx Stallion HD Gloves

The Stallion HD gloves were some of the coolest lacrosse gloves I have ever rocked. For most of my high school career, these were my gloves of choice for every practice and game. I have always been a fan of STX gloves and their ability to innovate the industry standard, but these gloves elevated the company’s glove line to a new level.

The glove itself was lightweight and fit well to the hand. While it had some flaws in durability, over time it did do well with protecting the hand and fingers. The HD polymer material used in its construction allowed for it to be as light as possible at the time it was made. The best-looking pair of these gloves was the solid color versions that looked clean with whatever arm pads you paired them with.