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Fantasy Lacrosse is Back, Meet the High School Duo Behind It

Editor’s Note: The dynamic duo we are about to welcome to need a little introduction, but the community will know what they’re all about soon enough. High school lacrosse players Grant Schwartz and Spencer Meyers are taking their passion for the game to the tech world and have already developed their own fantasy lacrosse platform before age 18. With these two making moves well beyond their years, we thought it was best to open up the floor and let Grant and Spencer clue you in.

Who is Flow Fantasy?

Grant: Hi! I’m Grant.

Spencer: Hi! I’m Spencer.

Grant: We are the founders of Flow Fantasy, the world’s first fantasy lacrosse platform. The platform was built by lacrosse fans for lacrosse fans.

Spencer: Are we sixteen?

Grant: Yeah, but we built a great product.

Spencer: I’ve been playing lacrosse since I was seven years old when my dad introduced me to the sport, and I’ve always been a big fan of the college game and professional leagues. Other than lacrosse, I’m a huge Jets fan and a big fantasy football guy and have always wished there was a fantasy platform for lacrosse.

Grant: I played lacrosse in elementary school, but I picked it up again in middle school when our team needed a goalie and Spencer talked me into joining the team. I’ve loved the sport ever since, but my other big passion is coding and computer science.

Grant: Last fall Spencer and I were discussing fantasy for the upcoming PLL season, and when we did the research we realized that a fantasy platform did not exist. Thus, we set out to build it ourselves.

Spencer: We’ve put hundreds of hours into building this and we’re very excited to launch in conjunction with the PLL Championship series.

Grant: The Flow Fantasy platform brings the features of all of your favorite fantasy platforms and more. Users will be able to create fantasy leagues with their friends and assemble rosters via a fantasy draft, trades, and waiver wire.

Spencer: We can’t wait to see what this abbreviated season can bring.

Grant: And we’re really excited to see how fantasy can help grow the sport of lacrosse.

What’s Flow Fantasy?

Flow Fantasy is the world’s first online and fully automated fantasy lacrosse platform. Founded by two high school lacrosse players, Grant Schwartz and Spencer Meyers, the platform seeks to offer lacrosse fans a convenient, enjoyable, and unmatched fantasy experience.

In the fall of 2019, the two sought out a fantasy lacrosse platform similar to those available for football and basketball, but were unable to find one. Therefore, they ventured to build a platform themselves. Grant’s expertise in coding and computer science, combined with Spencer’s knowledge of fantasy sports and marketing have allowed the pair to create their platform from scratch. Grant and Spencer share the same passion of growing the game and believe that fantasy lacrosse will further that effort.

In conjunction with the PLL Championship Series, the Flow Fantasy platform will be launching in the summer of 2020. Users will be able to create fantasy leagues with their friends and assemble rosters via a fantasy draft, trades, and waiver wire.

Within hours of gameplay, users will be able view their team’s point totals and results. Due to the abbreviated format of the PLL season, the fantasy platform has also adapted by making the fantasy season consist of two “weeks.” Users will be able to set their lineups before “week one,” which begins on July 25th, and before “week two,” which begins on July 30th.

At the conclusion of the “two week” season, whoever has the most total points will be crowned the league winner.

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