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From The X! Special Extended Episode

Alright so I’m back.  Some of you out there may have been wondering where From the X! has been the last few weeks.  Due to a huge screw up with our ISP, we were unable to bring you some lax action from the greatest state in the union.

Although I couldn’t provide content for LAS, I was still checking out games here and gathering information.  I want to apologize  to the players and coaches, for telling them the coverage would go up within a couple days and then not be able to deliver on that.   My apologies also to anyone out there anticipating more episodes over the last few weeks.  I’m back online and hopefully no more glitches.

This extended episode is interview intensive and so big I had to break it into two parts.  I decided to cut back a little on the game footage and focus on talking to people because this way we get a look at what goes on behind the scenes.  Highlights and sick shots are cool, but there is a little more that goes on before and after the games, and I wanted to capture some of that.

This edition of From The X! has a little bit of everything; I talk with coaches, pro-players, NCAA players, MCLA players, and a few highlights.  I tried to make it a little more like a TV show, with an intro, opening sequence and closing.  Sorry for some of the choppy editing, I’m still playing around with ideas to find out what works best.  As always if there are any suggestions give me a holla’

A couple of notes on the interviews:

– CSUF beat out CSUCI 19-2

– I wanted to talk with the guys from Channel Islands to show that not all MCLA teams are created equal.  Top tier teams get a little spoiled.

– Chapman won against University of Texas 12-5.  They played against Ithaca later in the week beating them out 15-12.

– In the second video CSUF shocked Concordia, walking away 15-3.   I think Concordia got caught in the headlights.  Fullerton was really pumped for this game and came out shooting.

– Finally a little fun with Matt Striebel.  I first heard about Trilogy over on Lacrosse Playground.  So when I looked them up I was surprised to see they were having a few camps out here.

And finally…being a Cougar fan I had to throw this in here.  There is still time to vote for your favorite cougar for the Final 4 in Jack’s Cougar Madness.  Yeah Cougs!

Fighting a cold, I was going to the Chapman/Colorado game but the bug took a turn for the worse.  Stay tuned next time for more interviews From The X!

About the author
: Middie D played lacrosse at BYU under the tutelage of former Head Coach Jason Lamb and Current Head Coach Matt Schneck.  He now lives in God’s paradise of Southern California, more specifically Orange County.  His favorite color is shocking pink, favorite food is candy corns, and likes watching telenovelas.

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