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Full-Field Assist: Michael ‘Ballsy’ Balsamides Has No Fear

You may have heard of the Emmanuel College Lions men’s lacrosse team before when we gave them a shoutout on our Instagram page at the beginning of this month. Take a look at this ridiculous full-field assist from Michael “Ballsy” Balsamides to Alex Stull in the Lions game against Pfeiffer.

You’ve got to hand it to the Lions, they’ve got style.

Emmanuel College Is Out Here In Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition Suits While The Rest Of Us Are Buying From The Discount Rack At Men’s Warehouse

Info On Emmanuel College And Who To Thank For The Full-Field Assist

About The Program

Before we get to the incredible play below, here’s a brief overview of Emmanuel College. If you just want to see the play then skip on down to the bottom. The college is an NCAA Division II school in Franklin Springs, Georgia. The Lions are a newer program, having picked up their first college win in history in 2012 when the program was added. Emmanuel College also has a women’s lacrosse team that was added that same year.

The team is a member of the SouthEastern Lacrosse Conference and currently sit at 2-3 on the year with wins over Shorter and Pfeiffer.

The play seen below is courtesy a la junior defender Michael Balsamides.

Mixing Business With Pleasure


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Swipe left 👈 to see the most electric team in college lacrosse. @ecmenslax

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Emmanuel College was featured on our Instagram page earlier this month with some of the more bold names on its roster. College lacrosse has been known for some of the more preposterous and extravagant player bios, and the Emmanuel College Men’s Lacrosse team has certainly set a standard that is incredibly high (or low depending on your perspective) that I’m sure teams in the future will try to one-up.

I’m looking at you next year, Albany. Consider the gauntlet thrown down.

Also, can I just say how perfect it is that Michael “Ballsy” Balsamides is the one who threw this pass? This is almost too perfect to have just happened organically. This has to at least have an ESPN 30 for 30 short film produced around it, or at least a mention on the local TV sports news desk. Give this man the recognition he deserves!

The Full-Field Assist

Michael “Ballsy” Balsamides Sends It The Length Of The Field

And The Crowd Goes Wild!