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FULL Philly Vs NYC Box Lacrosse Highlights

A little less than two weeks ago, we teased you with some quick highlights from a NYC vs. Philadelphia box lacrosse game. This week, we’ve got the full video from Throne of String, and it’s a good one! Plenty of action, and some pretty sweet goals, saves, draws, and even some big hits.

The Philadelphia Athletics took the win over the NYC Lax All Stars, 15-5, and while the score wasn’t that close, it was a fun and competitive game. With many of the NYC players in Hawaii for the annual tournament there, we brought a less proven team down, and had a couple of guys who were making their “real” box debuts, and we all learned a lot. It’s not always about winning when you’re new to a sport… sometimes it’s more about learning. We certainly did a lot of that!

Philly played a clean game, worked their transition opportunities well, and then took us out for beers and wings afterwards. It was kind of like Prince making you pancakes after beating you in basketball, but like Charlie Murphy, we really couldn’t complain!