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Georgetown scored a massive win over Denver, North Carolina smacked Syracuse, Duke escaped Virginia and more happened in Week 10.
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Conference Tournaments Are Coming – DI Rundown Week 10

Georgetown scored a giant victory, North Carolina put the hurt on Syracuse, Duke narrowly escaped Virginia, Navy eked by Loyola, Delaware outlasted Hofstra and more happened in Week 10. We’re getting late into the season, and with April winding down, it’s time to look forward a bit. So in addition to our regular section of the scoreboard, conference comparison, and reschedule tracker, we’re going to look at where each conference sits and what their postseason looks like.

Now, onto the rundown!

Georgetown Scores Giant Victory – DI Rundown Week 10



Hofstra 8 v Towson 10


Sacred Heart 12 v Mount St. Mary’s 14

St. John’s 8 v Marquette 9


Duke 13 v Virginia 12


Lehigh 18 v Lafayette 11

Michigan 13 v Penn State 14

Binghamton 8 v Stony Brook 22

Robert Morris 8 v Bucknell 7


Sacred Heart 10 v Merrimack 14

Cleveland State 4 v Bellarmine 11

Mount St. Mary’s 15 v LIU 17

Jacksonville 7 v Richmond 14

Towson 9 v UMass 6

Delaware 14 v Hofstra 13

Villanova 23 v St. John’s 8

NJIT 9 v Hartford 14

VMI 4 v Air Force 18

Utah 11 v Virginia 18

Denver 10 v Georgetown 11

Siena 12 v Manhattan 13

North Carolina 21 v Syracuse 9

Navy 14 v Loyola 12

Mercer 10 v High Point 16

Saint Joseph’s 13 v Bryant 6

UMass Lowell 7 v UMBC 12

Boston U 8 v Army 14

Johns Hopkins 11 v Rutgers 17

Marquette 7  v Providence 6

Canisius 12 v Quinnipiac 16

Drexel 19 v Fairfield 7


Ohio State 8 v Maryland 18

Lafayette 11 v Lehigh 14

Hobart v Wagner

Albany v Vermont

Marist v Monmouth

Colgate v Holy Cross

Marist v Detroit

Conference Comparison

This is the section of the rundown to keep track of how conferences are doing against each other. Intra-conference games are not part of the records below.

Big East6-40.6000.000
America East5-70.4170.000
Big Ten0-0
Ivy League0-0

*2021 Independents: Utah, Robert Morris, Cleveland State, Hampton (2021 season is suspended)

There were only three out of conference games this week, all of them with independents. UVA’s win over Utah didn’t change much, but Bellarmine’s win over Cleveland State was enough to move the SoCon out of last place. Bucknell’s loss to Robert Morris did not change anything there.

Conference Standings & Tournaments


Duke11-13-1Remaining: v ND, @ UNC
Notre Dame6-12-1Remaining: @ Duke, @UNC, v Cuse
North Carolina9-22-2Remaining: v ND, v Duke
Virginia10-32-3Remaining: v Cuse
Syracuse5-41-3Remaining: @ UVA, @ND

There will be no ACC Men’s Lacrosse Championship this season (regular-season champion will be the official ACC champion). This Saturday, both UVA and Cuse have their shot at avoiding a losing conference record. But North Carolina, Notre Dame, and Duke are all in the running to take the conference title (although UNC’s path involves math).

Big Ten

Maryland*9-09-0Remaining: @ Hopkins
Rutgers7-27-2Remaining: @ Michigan
Ohio State4-54-5Remaining: @ Penn State
Penn State3-63-6Remaining: v Ohio State
Johns Hopkins2-72-7Remaining: v Hopkins
Michigan2-72-7Remaining: v Rutgers

*Clinched Regular Season Title

All teams make the conference tournament, but the top two seeds get byes (Maryland and Rutgers). The first games will take place at campus sites, then the semifinals and finals will be played at Penn State on Thursday, May 6 and Saturday, May 8.


Delaware8-25-1Remaining: @ Towson, v UMass
Drexel6-24-2Remaining: v Hofstra, @ Towson
Hofstra6-43-3Remaining: @ Drexel, v Fairfield
Towson6-63-3Remaining: v Delaware, v Drexel
UMass3-43-3Remaining: @ Fairfield, @ Delaware
Fairfield2-70-6Remaining: v UMass, @ Hofstra

Championship: May 6 & 8, 2021 – Hofstra University/Hempstead, New York – Top 4 teams

With only four teams allowed into the postseason and three teams tied at .500 right now, this conference is still a toss up. Delaware’s in the driver’s seat, but Towson is looking great lately, while Hofstra is starting to slip. These next two weeks will be huge in the CAA.

Big East

Georgetown9-18-1Remaining: v Providence
Denver9-37-1Remaining: v St. John’s
Villanova5-35-3Remaining: v Marquette
Providence4-63-6Remaining: @ Georgetown
Marquette2-72-6Remaining: @ Nova, @ St. John’s
St. John’s1-80-8Remaining: @ Denver, v Marquette

Championship: May 6 & 8, 2021 – Providence, RI – Top 4 teams

Georgetown picked up a massive victory over Denver this week, which helps with the regular season title race. But with only four teams allowed into the postseason, Denver and Georgetown are both locks. With Providence likely to lose to Georgetown, the Friars will be cheering for Villanova to beat Marquette.

Patriot League

Army6-34-13-0Remaining: Navy, v Colgate
Boston*6-34-23-2League games complete
Colgate2-52-31-2Remaining: @ Army
Holy Cross2-41-30-3Season Canceled
Lehigh*!8-07-05-0Remaining: v Bucknell
Loyola*5-53-33-2Remaining: @ Lafayette
Navy4-22-22-2Remaining: v Army, @ Lafayette
Bucknell2-51-41-3Remaining: v Lehigh, @ Lafayette
Lafayette0-90-60-4Remaining: v Loyola, v Navy, v Bucknell

*Clinched Playoff

!Clinched Division

Championship: Top 2 teams from each division, hosted by Lehigh.

I’m not sure why Army has been decided as a clinch for the postseason yet (I understand the division, though), but it’s going to be right there. The big shocker for the Patriot was Holy Cross canceling the rest of their season unexpectedly.


Richmond*5-44-0Remaining: v Air Force
Jacksonville6-53-1Remaining: v Bellarmine, @ High Point
High Point4-53-1Remaining: @ Air Force, v Jacksonville
Air Force3-72-2Remaining: v High Point, @ Richmond
Mercer4-61-2Remaining: v VMI, @ Bellarmine
Bellarmine4-91-3Remaining: @ Jacksonville, v Mercer
VMI1-80-5Remaining: @ Mercer

*Clinched Playoff

Championship: May 5 & 7, 2021 – Richmond, Virginia – Top 4 teams

The only team that has clinched the postseason so far is Richmond, and it has the top seed. But after that, it’s as clear as mud. We still definitely need another week of games to sort things out in the SoCon, and the Air Force-High Point game will go a long way to get us there.


Saint Joseph’s*6-36-0Remaining: v LIU
LIU*6-25-1Remaining: @ Saint Joseph’s, v Bryant
Bryant5-33-4Remaining: @ Sacred Heart, @ LIU, v Mount St. Mary’s
Hobart3-23-2Remaining: v Merrimack, @ Wagner, v Sacred Heart
Merrimack5-44-3Remaining: @ Hobart
Mount St. Mary’s3-91-5Remaining: v Wagner, @ Bryant
Wagner0-60-4Remaining: @ Mount St. Mary’s, v Hobart
Sacred Heart1-90-5Remaining: v Bryant, @ Hobart

*Clinched Playoff

Championship: Four-team, single-elimination NEC Championship will take place at the high seed on May 6 & 8.

Next weekend will determine the host for the tournament, with LIU and Saint Joseph’s playing head-to-head for the right, but an LIU win would still mean it needs to win against Bryant as well. Bryant, Merrimack, and Hobart are all still fighting for their postseason lives. This is a one bid league, so winning the conference tournament means everything.


Monmouth5-14-1Remaining: @ Canisius
Quinnipiac4-24-1Remaining: @ Marist, @ Detroit
Manhattan4-34-2Remaining: @ Marist
Detroit3-33-2Remaining: v Quinnipiac
Canisius3-42-3Remaining: v Monmouth
St. Bonaventure3-41-4Remaining: v Siena
Marist1-00-0Remaining: v Quinnipiac, v Manhattan
Siena0-60-5Remaining: @ St. Bonaventure

Championship: May 5 & 8, top 4 teams. All games are hosted by each matchup’s highest seed. 

While it’s highly likely that Monmouth and Quinnipiac will both make the postseason, the matchups over the next week don’t make things quite as easy. There’s also the wildcard of Marist actually playing games or potential reschedules. Regardless, everyone from Monmouth through the Bonnies need to win out.

America East

Stony Brook8-36-1Remaining: v UMBC, @ Vermont
Vermont5-35-1Remaining: @ Binghamton, v Stony Brook
UMBC6-25-2Remaining: @ Stony Brook, @ NJIT
Albany6-34-2Remaining: v NJIT, v Hartford
Binghamton3-43-4Remaining: v Vermont, @ UMass-Lowell
Hartford2-52-5Remaining: v UMass-Lowell, @ Albany
UMass Lowell1-71-6Remaining: @ Hartford, v Binghamton
NJIT1-81-6Remaining: @ Albany, v UMBC

Championship: May 6 & 8, 2021 – No. 1 seed is host – Top 4 teams

The AE is still too close to call and many big games are going to played between the top teams. Buckle up for this one.

DI Independent

Robert Morris6-5Remaining: @ Utah
Utah3-6Remaining: @ Cleveland St, v Robert Morris
Cleveland St.2-6Remaining: v Utah, @ VMI

Obviously the Independents don’t have a conference tournament or an AQ to play for, so any postseason hopes rely on a potential at-large bid. Only Robert Morris has a shot at being above .500, but it only has good losses, no good wins. So, likely no postseason for the Independents this year.

Reschedule Tracker

I’ll be using this section to keep track of which games are postponed or canceled as the season goes on as that information will easily get lost in the shuffle. Every season always has a few games postponed or canceled due to weather or travel issues, but as you’ll see below, this season is already going to be quite a bit different.

Also note: the “Games Scheduled” will include new games added, which may make the percentages look different compared to the missed games listed below. For example: Colgate and Robert Morris both had games canceled, so they played each other, meaning there are two games cancelled but one game played as scheduled.

Games scheduled: 324

Games played: 284 (87.7%)

Games played as scheduled: 265 (81.8%)

This Week’s Games


Quinnipiac v Marist


Notre Dame v Duke


Monmouth v Canisius


Hofstra v Drexel

Bellarmine v Jacksonville

Army v Navy

St. John’s v Denver

VMI v Mercer

Marquette v Villanova

Providence v Georgetown

Delaware v Towson

NJIT v Albany

Siena v St. Bonaventure

High Point v Air Force

LIU v Saint Joseph’s

Syracuse v Virginia

Merrimack v Hobart

Manhattan v Marist

Vermont v Binghamton

Utah v Cleveland State

Loyola v Lafayette

UMass-Lowell v Hartford

Bucknell v Lehigh

Bryant v Sacred Heart

Wagner v Mount St. Mary’s

UMass v Fairfield

Penn State v Ohio State

Maryland v Johns Hopkins

Quinnipiac v Detroit

UMBC v Stony Brook


Rutgers v Michigan

Notre Dame v North Carolina

What to Watch


Notre Dame v Duke


Monmouth v Canisius


Hofstra v Drexel

Bellarmine v Jacksonville

Army v Navy

Providence v Georgetown

Delaware v Towson

High Point v Air Force

LIU v Saint Joseph’s

Syracuse v Virginia

Penn State v Ohio State

Quinnipiac v Detroit

UMBC v Stony Brook


Rutgers v Michigan

Notre Dame v North Carolina

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