GerLaxCon 2022
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GerLaxCon Set For May 2022 in Dresden

At GerLaxCon, lacrosse is for everyone!

How did the fastest sport on two feet become the fastest-growing team sport in the world? The simple answer is: hard work and dedication of volunteers on all levels, combined with a rich tradition and unique sport that is difficult to resist!

But it takes a bit more than just dedication and a fascinating sport – it also takes a defined vision and a reliable plan. Over the past three years, World Lacrosse has laid out and filled the vision of lacrosse at the Olympics, and more than 70 nations have followed this path.

What seemed far away in the past may soon become reality. Lacrosse at the Olympic Games will result in large media presences, the best of lacrosse visible on the world stage, and a truly unique experience for anyone who has ever played the game. But the Olympic vision alone will not be enough to grow our sport – we need to stimulate grassroots development and provide new platforms for lacrosse to flourish and be omnipresent. 

In Germany, we decided to merge the core values of the Olympics into a unique event format that allows for “lacrosse for everyone”. Under the motto Play. Learn. Grow. Connect., the Germany Lacrosse Convention, also known as GerLaxCon, will be Europe’s biggest lacrosse event and take place in Dresden from May 20-22, 2022.

The GerLaxCon is an event for everyone, with everyone, by everyone! World Lacrosse and the European Lacrosse Federation are partners, supporting the idea of a more inclusive platform that connects players from different ages, backgrounds, and origins.

The event will make the fastest-growing sport in the world more popular, particularly in Europe and Germany. But the GerLaxCon will be more than just a great advertisement for an exciting sport – we will showcase the traditions and modern aspects of the game side-by-side. GerLaxCon will be the first European event to feature wheelchair lacrosse as an inclusive lacrosse discipline intended for anyone, regardless of physical disability. And we want to celebrate the biggest lacrosse party the world has ever seen.

To make this happen we need everyone’s support:

40,000 € ($47,000) – that is the budget that the German Lacrosse Association needs to raise. A big crowdfunding campaign is running on the platform Fairplaid from Nov. 3 through Dec. 15, 2021.

We hope to raise funds from sponsors and the world-wide lacrosse community alike to help make GerLaxCon become reality. If the target is not reached, donations will be transferred back – but GerLaxCon will not take place.

To prevent this, we would like to give something back to the supporters. Depending on the amount of donations, different rewards can be obtained. Among them: tickets for the convention, jerseys, special training hours, participation at a world record attempt, and much more. As crowdfunding partner, Toyota will also top up donations in the first week of the crowdfunding.

Together, we will shape and grow the game beyond borders, nations and cultures. One stick for all, and all sticks for one!