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Team Germany Ales Hrebesky Memorial 2015 box lacrosse tournament
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German Box Lacrosse Roster Announced for WILC 2015

Monday was an exciting day for German box lacrosse as the official roster for the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championship was announced.

Although German box lacrosse clubs like the German Gents and powerhouse Deutschland Adler are no stranger to international competition, this will be the first World Indoor Lacrosse Championship for the country of Germany.

Germany box lacrosse European Indoor Lacrosse Championship

Many of the 23-man roster compete with Deutschland Adler, including German box lacrosse veterans Jamie Plunkett and Artjom Meriasch.

The games begin on September 18th and conclude with the Bronze and Gold Medal matches in Syracuse’s world-famous Carrier Dome. The Germans have also named four alternates to their final roster.

Last name

First name


1 Fuchs Tilo G
2 Neumann Felix G
3 to be determined to be determined G
4 Niepel Thomas D
5 Klett Moritz D
6 Schröder Christian D
7 Schüler Dominic D
8 Siegel Thilo D
9 Wolter Michael T
10 Wolter Marius T
11 Bieber Maximilian T
12 Tyacke Brian T
13 Herzberg Sebastian T
14 Ratjen Henning T
15 Schröder Stefan O
16 Heerdt Dennis O
17 Brandenburger Marc O
18 Grießl Wolfgang O
19 Broz Philip O
20 Meriasch Artjom O
21 Plunkett Jamie O
22 Sandlein Maximilian O
23 Shea Brendan O
A1 Schulz Carsten G
A2 Hamann Frieder O
A3 Jacks Don D
A4 Nolte Adrian O

While competing in the European Indoor Lacrosse Invitational prior to the 2015 Ales Hrebesky Memorial, the German-based box lacrosse team finished 2-1 in exhibition play. While Deutschland Adler has no affiliation with the DLaxV, Germany’s governing body for lacrosse, many of the club’s top names will be suiting up for the German National Team this fall.

For more information (in German) visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!