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Germany Lacrosse Blog: A Good Start

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Thorben Fiswick to the LAS Network. Thorben is 21 years old, studying law and playing Lacrosse in Marburg, Germany. He had his first experience with Lacrosse when he was 16 while going to school in England. Fast forward two quick years and he is still very active in the game. In this short period of time he has truly fallen in love with lacrosse, met tons of great people people, made many new friends and had a lot of memorable experiences.

Check out all of Thorben’s contributions here.


A Good Start in the new Season

Our new season started early this year, so we had to play against the second team of the Cologne Indians Lacrosse Club on the 9th of March. It was the first test for us after our voluntary move down to the second division of the German Lacrosse League and it went very well.

After Cologne got the Early 1-0 lead we were strong enough to recover and turn the game around in the first quarter to a 3-2 lead. In a tough second quarter we were also able to expand our lead. The halftime was kind of turning point for the Cologne Indians. As we struggled in the first minutes of the second half, the Indians came back to even the score at 6-6. We took a time out, got focused again and showed our strength as a team. After two goals in a row and we brought our first victory of the season home.


The first victory was a huge step but only the first one of the season. In the long break of 5 weeks between the last and the next game we worked hard on our weaknesses to be prepared for the next challenge. On game day we headed up to Essen in the north-west of Germany to face the Ruhrpott Pirates. It was also a kind of reunion as we met our ex-teammate Jan Herrmann, who now is an attackman for Essen.


We started strong and were able to get an 3-0 lead in the first quarter by goals of Paul Weber, Jeff Struble, and Vince Umathum. During the second and third quarter, the Pirates played tough and the game became more and more interesting after two Pirate goals. But it was Johannes Rotter who scored two goals in a row with an assist by Tom Schütz to bring us back in a comfortable leading position. As we got more and more into the game we scored two more goals by Alexander Seitz and Paul Weber with an assist by Thorben Fiswick and got our second 7-4 win of the early season.