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Germany Lacrosse Blog: Season Finale

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Thorben Fiswick to the LAS Network. Thorben is 21 years old, studying law and playing Lacrosse in Marburg, Germany. He had his first experience with Lacrosse when he was 16 while going to school in England. Fast forward two quick years and he is still very active in the game. In this short period of time he has truly fallen in love with lacrosse, met tons of great people people, made many new friends and had a lot of memorable experiences.


Marburg Saints: Season Finale

There was a lot of speculation about this game in advance. The undefeated Mainz Musketeers were our guests on March 11th. Our Team has shown a season with wins against the Cologne Indians, the Ruhrpott Pirates and the loss to the gaming community Münster / Kassel, contrasted to a dominant victory against the Lumberjacks from Kaiserslautern. All in all, we stand 3-1 in the season statistics before the final game. There was also the very exciting question of which series would tear this weekend. The Mainz could never beat us on our own field, but on the other side were undefeated for more than half a season. Everything pointed to a thrilling game.

The game started in pouring rain and we also struggled in our brand new uniforms. From the beginning the Musketeers transformed the first face-off into a goal and also made further pressure. When we were able to bring it equal two minutes later, the Musketeers answered directly with a goal to regain the lead. The game swayed back and forth, but our streaks of pressure became longer and longer. The first quarter eventually ended with a 3-3. During the break, we had time to discuss the coordination problems in defense again. The break helped to got focused again with the effect of becoming the dominant team. As in the game against Kaiserslautern our offensive really got the ball rolling. It were cleverly combined plays and teamwork that took away the pleasure of the game of the Musketeers. However the Musketeers didn’t give up and in many situations and our defense got the slide at the very last moment and our goalie and MVP of the game Matze Schmitz cane up with some huge saves.


With a comfortable 11-3 lead, we went into the last quarter in which our Saints rookies, who will be mostly the team of the next season, got the control from the advanced players to draw as much experience as possible from the last game of the season. However this gave also the Musketeers the opportunity to get back into the game but their streak of four goals were not enough to prevent the victory of the Saints. Our new jersey’s were officially shown for the first time with a 11-7 victory and the Marburg Saints series of home victories against Mainz still remains.

Even if our organized summer festival turned into a kind of “pool party” due to weather conditions, we want to thank all the parents, fans and supporters, as well as our sponsors Lavin Lacrosse for the awesome new jersey’s, RedBull and the Volksbank of Central Hessen and of course our opponents Mainz for an excellent, exciting and fair season finale .