Grow The Game

Grow The Game

Welcome to, the worldwide leader in digital news, information, and resources for today’s avid lacrosse enthusiast. Our goal is simple, and has been the same since day 1: GROW THE GAME! This is not a phrase we use to sell product, or because it’s catchy. Jeff Brunelle originally came up with the idea, and since he said it, it’s been our motto, and something we deeply believe in.

Grow the Game is not just another phrase or hashtag to be bandied about arbitrarily. It is for the true champions of the sport, and those doing the work in the trenches. It’s a rallying cry for lacrosse, and we’re proud to have encapsulated the ongoing growth movement in a simple, but strong, phrase.

Check out the information below to see how you can get involved!

Donate your old lacrosse gear!

We accept used stick, equipment, and footwear gifts on behalf of our non-profit partners. To participate, you can ship a box of used gear you no longer want to the address listed below. Your used equipment will help us empower a future lacrosse all star.

Lacrosse All Stars
P.O. Box 7613
Boise, ID  83707

Please include a note with your full name, phone number, and email address so we can contact you when it gets here. Upon receiving your gift, we’ll clean up the gear and store it at our Boise, ID headquarters until our next free lacrosse clinic or service trip.

Support a Lacrosse Charity!

There are a lot of great groups out there doing some amazing work, but here are a couple of lacrosse charities that we know and trust. If you’re looking to get involved, check out some of the groups below!

CityLaxSupporting Public School Lacrosse in New York City

MetroLacrosseUrban Lacrosse Initiative in Boston, MA

Denver CityLaxServing Inner-City Youth in and around Denver, CO

Charm City Youth LaxUrban Lacrosse League in Baltimore, MD

Fields of GrowthLacrosse Volunteer Corps in Jamaica, Uganda, and more

Lax the NationsFighting poverty through sports, education, health and nutrition