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Harlem Shake Lacrosse Video Explosion!

Billy Nguyen is back on with ALL the Harlem Shake videos in one place! From IU, to VMI to Tufts to East Coast Dyes and beyond, the Harlem Shake is every in lacrosse.

As everyone should know by now, the Harlem Shake videos have gone viral. The phenomenon begins with just one person, typically in a ski mask, and builds up to 30 seconds of pure awesomeness. It was only a matter of time until a lacrosse edition of the video was made.

Below we see the videos start with lacrosse helmets on instead of ski masks, and I am loving it.

Here is where it all began. The ORIGINALS:

Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop. Diddy.

The IU Men’s Lacrosse Team getting down in Bloomington:

North Dakota State knows:

Ruff Lax jumps on the Harlem Shake train. Is that an Easton Raptor?

East Coast Dyes crew having some fun. Loving the Maryland Flag.

Tufts Jumbos Blizzard Shake. The guy on the left is NOT enjoying himself:

VMI Keydets!

So, who did it best?  I’d have a hard time not picking VMI. What team do you want to see do a Harlem Shake video?

Here’s a how to, if you’re actually looking to do the dance right…

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