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The Heat Is On! – An Israel Adventure

After a very long Thursday that included 15 hours of air travel, a welcome party for the Iroquois Nationals and coverage of the opening ceremonies, it was time to really get to work. Although I may not be completely caught up on my sleep, it was imperative to hit the ground running on Friday to ensure all the fans back home and across the globe were able to stay updated on gameplay here in Netanya.

Check out the news report we streamed yesterday below:

Pool Play Coverage

At the start of every day, the LaxAllStars team is presented with the schedule for game coverage dispersing our group around the Wingate facilities. Each member is assigned to a field to push out game updates through the LaxAllStars Instagram story while working to capture special moments from the sidelines. You know, those moments when your team breaks out in a dance to stay loose or dog-piles the goalie to celebrate a win. After each game, the assigned LAS member is then responsible for putting together a game recap highlighting the flow of the match while offering unique insights into how it all unfolded.

Through Thursday and Friday, I was assigned to cover a total of five games that included: Uganda vs Luxembourg, China vs Denmark, Turkey vs Peru, Japan vs Netherlands and Puerto Rico vs Bermuda. Being a fan of the game since middle school, it was a real treat to be able to watch such skill, passion and enthusiasm on display. To see it from the players’ perspective made it that much more special. From those five games, my personal favorite to cover has to be the Uganda vs Luxembourg match not only because it was the only game that came down to the last minute but also because it was a moment in history when the Cranes captured their second ever win in an FIL tournament.

Meet Katie Conwell

Speaking of game coverage and recaps, Katie Conwell is a vital piece in the puzzle that ensures our hard work on the field gets pushed out on LaxAllStars for everyone to enjoy. Along with Mark Donahue, Katie is our go-to editor where she uses her Ph.D. in History to fine-tune our writing before publishing.

Even with her focus on academics, Katie has been around the sport of lacrosse her whole life. Her grandfather, Royce Newell, was the first ever Head Coach at West Genesee High School in New York, kicking off the program in 1957. To say her family has done a lot for the NY lacrosse community would be an understatement!

In between her time spent in the media room editing articles, Katie also makes time to cover games as a writer and photographer. Since the tournament has begun her favorite moment came from watching the Hong Kong vs Poland game. With a close scoreline of 7-9 in favor of Hong Kong what made their victory so special was the sheer joy and enthusiasm displayed by the Hong Kong fans.

Tired but Determined

Given the 10 hour time difference between Israel and my home in Seattle, it’s taken some time to adjust my sleep schedule. What makes that adjustment even harder is the late nights/early mornings spent working well after the day’s final games have concluded. I don’t say this to complain but rather to celebrate the unrivaled determination from the LaxAllStars team. We’re working to produce world-class media coverage and our team’s collective passion is exactly what’s fueled me these past few days. There’s nothing quite as fun as getting the entire LaxAllStars team together for a trip!