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High Peaks Summit Classic Lake Placid 2017
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High Peaks Summit Classic is BACK for Second Year in Lake Placid

Last year we saw the debut of the High Peaks Summit Classic. This addition to the Summit Lacrosse Ventures’ offerings is a way of building up Lake Placid as a lacrosse destination for more than just one week every year, and we love it. Year two will be held this weekend, June 23 and 24 at the North Elba Athletic Fields.

Ten teams will be attending this second annual edition of High Peaks, an increase by almost 100% from the inaugural six teams. This seemingly small number offers a certain tranquility that belongs in these Adirondak mountains. Some tournaments are better because they’re bigger, others are qualitatively amazing, and it doesn’t matter if there are ten or ten thousand teams.

High Peaks Summit Classic Lake Placid 2017Lake P

Quite honestly, being at the first annual High Peaks tournament last year was something out of my younger years. I remember my first few trips up to Lake Placid as being simpler, less stressful, and more about the fun times in the surrounding area. This is by no means a knock on how my more recent years have been in Lake Placid – I have trouble calling my role with the tournament every year since I can remember “work”, but with even the simplest role I find less hours in the day.

10 Things YOU Should Do in Lake Placid

High Peaks gives those hours back. It’s a small schedule. It’s a short day at the fields. You can wake up well rested, sit down and eat breakfast, and THEN go play. You have time to get out on mirror lake or kick your feet up in an Adirondak chair with a cold beer as you watch the sun drop and the town come alive.

High Peaks Summit Classic Lake Placid 2017

These ten teams will comprise of two divisions.

The 18+ division will be comprised of the Green Machine, OWU Legends (a staple in the LP lacrosse world), High Peaks Catamounts, the extremely well traveled Brooklyn Dodgers, 29DB12, and the LI Tide.

In the First Responder division, and additional four teams will square off. The Mohawk Raiders, Local Yocals, Hoot Owl Lacrosse, and Hudson Valley Police & Fire.

This division is obviously named out of respect for the wonderful work that our first responders do for the community. Summit Lacrosse Ventures has a wonderful relationship with the town of Lake Placid and the local  community. Just last year, a heart attack struck 57 year-old John Sussingham in the Lake Placid Summit Classic – only to be resuscitated not once but TWICE by Melissa Furnia, a volunteer EMT. Certainly the wildest example of community partnership, but it’s par for the course as SLV and the town of Lake Placid go hand in hand.

Lake Placid Lax: Miracle on Grass

If you’re making the trip up for the first time, you’re in for a treat. Whether you’re coming because Lake Placid is beautiful, or the lacrosse is fantastic, you’re sure to get the best of both worlds. Last year included a skills competition, a shot clock and a two-point arc. Arguably the most important aspect is that if you finish in the top two teams of the 2018 High Peaks tournament, you’ll be invited to enter your team in the 2019 Lake Placid Summit Classic – that’s winning your way to the top of a wait list that could take years for your name to come up!

High Peaks is different. It’s simpler. It’s not better or worse than the Lake Placid you and I grew up on. It’s the same thing, it’s just simpler. I like that. The teams heading up this weekend like that. There’s a lot of noise about the biggest and best this or that – High Peaks is just fantastic lacrosse in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

High Peaks Summit Classic Lake Placid 2017 Ryan Conwell Mark Donahue Brian Witmer