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Historically Black College Adding Lacrosse
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Historically Black College Adding Lacrosse

In a recent letter that was sent out to the Hampton University student body it was announced that the University would be adding two new sport programs, in soccer and… lacrosse. Drilling down deeper, I learned that the school plans to add men’s and women’s soccer as well as men’s lacrosse. Is an Historically Black College adding lacrosse?

The school has yet to make an official announcement, but the decision did require the board of trustees approval, so while the details are murky, the possibility that Hampton could add D1 men’s lacrosse is enticing. Whatever the truth ends up being, Hampton is adding lacrosse officially, on some level. And that’s a step in the right direction. Keep your eyes on Hampton University in the coming days and weeks for an announcement where the new sports’ addition will be more fully explained.

Now, if you’re asking why Hampton would add men’s lacrosse seemingly out of the blue, and you don’t know much about the school’s brief history with the sport, then you should check out The Hampton Lacrosse Story: From Incredible Loss Comes Family. After reading that, you begin to get an idea of the atmosphere at Hampton when it comes to lacrosse. And I saw it in person when I attended the first ever Lacrosse Day at Hampton only a few years back.

Since then, the club has seemingly flourished, interest has grown, and the school has decided to support their students in a new way. D1 men’s lacrosse might be a hope too high, but until I hear otherwise, I’ll hold onto the thought.

Even If the school is simply going to support the existing club team financially, that’s a big step. If it’s anything more, it’s a gift. No one expects a D1 lacrosse team to pop up just like that, but Hampton, it somehow seems possible.

Keep an eye on Hampton’s website and their athletic site for possible announcements on the addition of lacrosse to the school sports programming. What level will the team play at? That remains to be seen. An historically black college adding lacrosse at the D1 level would be big news. It would be only the second time an HBCU had a D1 lacrosse team. The other program is, of course, Morgan State:

(Warning: there is some explicit language in the clip below)

I’ve been following the lacrosse story at Hampton and no matter what “the announcement” ends up being, this school and this program will continue to hold my interest. I’m pulling for you, Hampton!