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Hobart Lacrosse Scores… And Scores, And Scores…

Hobart Men’s Lacrosse has scored 69 goals through three games. That’s right, Hobart is averaging 23 goals per game. Watch the video below to see how potent the offense is for the No. 19 team in NCAA Men’s Division I Lacrosse.

In related news, Hobart is not the only offensive juggernaut in college lacrosse. North Carolina Women’s Lacrosse is absolutely on a tear, as the Tar Heels are putting up an average of 20 goals per game themselves, but have also limited teams to seven goals or less in all of their four wins. The Tar Heels just blew out defending-national champion Maryland, 19-6, and have no signs of slowing down. Northwestern is averaging 21.6 goals per game, and also averaging 27.3 goals per game in each of its wins.

Back to Hobart. It is incredibly obvious that this Hobart offense has absolutely no fear right now. They are playing with a ton of confidence. They seem to personify this quote by former president George W. Bush:

“If it feels good, do it.”

George W. Bush

And, I think it is safe to say the Hobart offense is feeling very, very good about what they are doing right now as the top scoring Men’s Division I team in NCAA Lacrosse.

Hobart Lacrosse Couldn’t Stop Scoring, Even If They Tried