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Mad River Bar and Grille NYC
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Introducing Mad River Bar & Grille – Host Of The 2011 Salt Shakerz Invitational After Party!

Mad River Bar and Grille NYC

The Salt Shakerz Lacrosse Club is proud to announce a partnership with Mad River Bar & Grille, which is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NYC.  Mad River, located on the corner of 82nd Street and Third Avenue will be a sponsor of the 2011 Salt Shakerz Invitational and the host of the tournament after-party on Saturday night, June 25. ( check out for more info).

Mad River will be offering great food and drink specials from Noon to Midnight on Saturday so that everyone from the tournament has got a nice spot to get together after the game to grab a burger, (or a sandwich) a beer, and ill out for a few hours.

In a really cool development, the Salt Shakerz are going to have a videographer filming at the tournament (whose actually a fellow laxer!) and after the games end on Saturday, the Shakerz will stream highlights from the day’s action onto Mad River’s TV Systems so everyone from the tournament can see themselves rippin twine—-GET ON OUR LEVEL!!

First of all, what’s in a name anyway? Why is the bar called Mad River?

The bar is named after a ski resort in Vermont; It’s owned by the people. There’s a very classic feel to the place. No snowboards allowed at the resort and it has the only single chair lift left in the US.  The group of guys that started the place loved to ski, and loved to fish. We wanted to bring a chill Vermont vibe to the Upper East Side of NYC. We felt that a bar with a lodge-like feel and rustic decor, including old snowshoes, skis, and a cozy fireplace would be a great spot to throw back a bunch of cold beers.

How/when did Mad River get started? (tell us a little bit about yourself)

We opened the first Mad River in April of 1998. It was a small group of friends from Westchester County and Long Island. Most of us held bartending gigs on the side and most guys worked on Wall St. or held various other jobs throughout the city. It all started with friends bringing friends, starting as just a small group, eventually growing into a very large group of people who knew how to have a great time.

Where are you located? (are there other locations?)

We are located at 1442 Third Ave between 81st and 82nd in the heart of the Upper East Side. We chose this location and all other locations because of the neighborhood feel and the young professional clientele.

Mad River’s other locations are:

1. 126 Chestnut St. In the Old City Historic section of Philly
2. 4100 Main St. In an old mill building on the water in Manayunk Philly
3. 1110 South Charles St. In an old bank in Historic Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD
4. 2909 N Sheffield Ave in the Lakeview near Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL
5. 32B South Market Street in an old church in the heart of the market in Charleston, SC

Looking around your website—it looks like you offer more than just Beer/food, tell us about the other offerings.

We offer a good time first and foremost. Throughout the week we offer trivia nights, live music ranging from acoustic acts to full-fledged bands, and a DJ Thurs, Fri, and Sat. We also feature private parties in our private upstairs bar and lounge, and have a number of event packages to choose from. Charity events, movie shoots, promotional events, rehearsal dinners, and even weddings have been hosted at Mad River. Beer Pong/Flip Cup tournaments, Beer Olympics, and other fun events are always hosted at Mad River. We like to call it “controlled chaos” in here; It is a high-volume, high-energy atmosphere.

Mad River is known as a bar to watch Wisconsin football games—rowdy time or tame?

Mad River is proud to be the home base for the Big Apple Badgers, serving as the official gamewatch for the U of Wisconsin Alumni. Throughout the year we are the home for all Badger’s football and basketball games, providing THE party spot for all Wisconsin diehard fans. Badgers know how to party, and we sure know how to throw one, but, it doesn’t end there! We host a number of Wisconsin Alumni events, happy hours, and fundraisers throughout the year. We try to bring Madison, Wisconsin to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, providing exclusive food specials such as the beloved Cheese Curds, Brats, Fried Pickles, along with other great food and drink specials. Due in part to our U of Wisconsin affiliation, we have just officially become a Green Bay Packers bar.

What makes your bar/ restaurant different, and/or stand above others?

Mad River Manhattan is one of the Upper East Side’s most fun bars. Opened in February 1998, Zagat describes Mad River as “serving large portions of classic American pub fare in a hot yuppy bar scene.” (You see why we picked the place?!?!?)

Mad River thrives on bringing a level of comfort and ease to its customers. We aren’t your typical, pretentious NYC bar/club. We cater to anybody,as long as they’re looking to have a great time alongside some of the best staff and clientele in NYC. Mad River not only offers an ambience that caters to casual dining, but also an after-dinner-hours party scene throughout the week. Stop by on Sunday through Wednesday nights and enjoy great food and drinks in a calming atmosphere. Our house DJ spins party favorites just in time for the weekend from Thursday through Saturday night. Mad River serves an upscale pub menu for lunch and dinner seven days a weekfrom 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Not only do we cater to the public party scene, but we also offer 3 different options for those looking to host private events of any size.

Any special beers you guys carry or special drinks you make?

Whether it’s our Wednesday night $1 beers, our “Blackout Fishbowls” (either 40oz. or 100oz.), our beer towers, or our open bar/party packages, Mad River offers its patrons a number of specials and drink options throughout the week.

What kind of food do you serve? Any menu highlights?

Mad River’s menu touches upon every bar staple anybody could dream of. We serve upscale pub favorites, seven days a week, from 11 am to 10 pm. Along with our large servings and variety of pub favorites, our proudest offering is our extensive burger bar,encompassing six kinds of burgers, dedicated to each city a Mad River resides. Don’t leave the place without getting your hands on one of these bad boys!!

Check out the menu for yourself!

On Saturday June 25, all tournament participants can grab one of the following burgers and a domestic bottle for $10!!

Also, we’ll be offering 2 for 1 pitchers… Yikes.

The Burger Board is also pretty special.  All options are available as a 100% USDA beef burger or a slims turkey burger. Served on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and red onion with your choice of fries: hand cut, waffle or Cajun.

Baltimore – Stuffed with bacon, monterey jack and cheddar cheeses. A Mad River favorite! 12

New Yorker – Topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Charleston – Topped with melted swiss and grilled onions on grilled rye bread.

Philly – Topped with sautéed onions, mushrooms and American cheese

The Chicago Bull – Topped with fried egg, apple-smoked bacon and American cheese

Pizza Burger – Topped with marinara and mozzarella cheese

Mad River Grille Burger NYC
I want one... now!

Any events, experiences, etc. that the bar is particularly proud of?

Mad River is most proud to say that we’ve just celebrated our 13th Anniversary. We have come a long way, and there’s no telling where we’re headed next. Sky’s the limit at this point, but most importantly, we’re just thankful to see how loyal our guests have become our friends over the years. We couldn’t have done it without them, and we couldn’t be more gratefulfor the relationships we’ve forged.

Mad River prides itself on its thunderous holiday parties throughout the year, but most notably is St. Patty’s Day, where scores of men and women from New York’s Bravest (Fire) and Finest (Police), along with bagpipers, shot girls, musicians and other entertainers, make Mad River their home to celebrate all of the festivities the day has to offer. Although we love throwing the year’s biggest parties, we also pride ourselves in our involvement with the community, charities, and other fundraising channels that use Mad River as their venue for raising thousands of dollars each year to help a cause,donate, and make a difference in the community.

What are you guys looking to improve on in 2011?

Mad River NYC is the flagship of all our other establishments. With the Upper East Side’s ever-so-changing atmosphere, Mad River NYC has got some great things in store in order to cater to the evolving neighborhood. We’ve just renovated our inside with an entirely new decor, further enhancing the ambience and appeal that makes Mad River so great. There’s some more work laid out for our future plans, but you’ll just have to come in and see what those are all about!

What brought you to the Salt Shakerz Invitational? (obviously us coming to you, but why did you find it an attractive opportunity?)

We see some great potential with the Salt Shakerz Lacrosse community. Just like the beginning days of Mad River, the Salt Shakerz community started with just a few friends, sharing a common interest, with a hope of taking that passion and turning it into something of grandeur. These are young guys, holding onto their passions, working to provide a great foundation for current and future lacrosse players. Just like others believed in us when we began, we believe in the Salt Shakerz, and we want to help them see that their goals are accomplished and their mission is shared.

Here at Mad River, we value community, camaraderie, hard work, and loyalty: Wecouldn’t have asked for a better relationship for us, and we couldn’t ask to work through a better medium than sports where such values are shared, cherished, and emphasized. The future is bright for the Salt Shakerz, and we’re truly honored to be the forum in which they celebrate all of their current and future successes.

What are your expectations for the tournament?

We’re excited to see that teams from all over the U.S. as well as possibly outside of the country are coming to compete at the Salt Shakerz tournament. All we want is to see is some great competition, followed up by a greater celebration with us at Mad River Bar & Grille. Whether you win or lose, or are just a fan on the sidelines, come celebrate not just the results of the tournament, but the nature of which it’s comprised, and the sport in which brings you all such joy.

Where can interested people find you and get more information?

Interested people can visit our website at You can also friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter under ‘Mad River NYC.’