First Annual Grow The Grow Award
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Introducing The First Annual GTG Award!

First Annual Grow The Grow Award

“Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.”
~Author Unknown

Lacrosse All Stars is proud to announce the creation of the First Annual GTG (Grow The Game) Award!

We established this new award to recognize outstanding individuals who dedicate their time and energy to expanding the footprint of the game of lacrosse, all while building up a community of players, coaches, and fans around them. We’re thrilled to kick off this new tradition later this month with an award for one person’s 2011 efforts.

During a period of time in which we’ve seen the accelerated growth of lacrosse both in the United States and across the world, we believe there is a real need for rewarding the efforts of true game growers. Lacrosse has been expanding in participation for the past decade and the GTG Award is meant to celebrate people who are making a difference while maintaining principles that improve local communities both on and off the playing field.

Integrity, leadership, service, and community-building are core to the mission of, and it is our hope that the GTG Award will inspire others to give back by recognizing those that already do!

The winner of the 2011 GTG Award will be announced on January 31st, 2012 and will be decided by the Lax All Stars Team. We are currently accepting nominations, so if you have someone who you think should be our GTG Award Winner, please email us at with an explanation as to why your pick should become ours.

Starting in February 2012, Lacrosse All Stars will continue showcasing our GTG mission with “Game Grower of the Month” awards. Nominate someone in your community by contacting us here. Each monthly award recipient will be eligible for the 2012 GTG Award!

Grow The Game!
– The LAS Team

First Annual Grow The Grow Award
The first inaugural trophy is ready for engraving.