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inside lacrosse media poll

Inside Lacrosse Media Poll Week 3 — Is This Poll Serious?!?!

Editor’s Note: Each week, I submit my ballot for the Inside Lacrosse Media Poll. ‘Is This Poll Serious?!’ then gives you brief explanation of why I have different teams in different spots on my ballot.

We’re almost to the point where I’m starting to feel more comfortable with how to position NCAA Division I Men’s teams based purely on this year’s results. Almost. Until each NCAA team has had three games, you can’t entirely know what sort of team they are. My ideal is five. Some teams are there, others are not. But, once everyone is close to the same level, the strength of schedule should start making a lot more sense. But, until then, I’m still taking my best shot at making sense of it all!

1. Loyola LW: 2 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 1

W 13-7 vs Rutgers

With another good win under their belt and Penn State dropping their match to Yale, I have no hesitation putting Loyola as No. 1. They would have been my second No. 1 a week ago if I had the ability, so this was easy. Through all the games so far, nobody has been as dominant as the Hounds.

2 Maryland LW: 3 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 2

W 11-6 vs Colgate, W 14-9 vs Navy

The ‘Terps just keep on winning and doing their thing. While they haven’t faced any ‘top’ teams, they have been facing teams who are responsible for various upsets. However, the ‘Terps haven’t fallen victim yet. In short: Maryland’s being Maryland. Again. Good luck, Big Ten.

3 Cornell LW: 4 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 3

W 19-16 vs Hobart, W 14-9 vs Lehigh

Cornell finally saw the field and did so with two games in three days. Long story short: this is a dangerous team. Should they have handled both of these teams better? Probably. But the way they scored in bunches should scare future opponents. But really, how fun will that game againt Penn State be?

4 Yale LW: 10 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 4

W 14-13 vs Penn State

What an awesome game. Even though Yale won, I still was more impressed with Penn State… if that makes any sense. Given the few number of games to go from, Yale is higher due to the head to head, but they still have enormous potential.

5 Penn State LW: 1 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 5

L 13-14 vs Yale

Penn State started this game like they were going to steamroll the Bulldogs, but there’s a reason TD Ierlan earned so much praise. In this case, Yale’s success based on Yale’s offense, but their defense against Penn State. If they had even five more possessions, this is a different game. Even in the shot clock world, there will be games were possession really matter.

6 Towson LW: 7 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 7

W 14-8 vs Georgetown

Towson still continues to impress, but their schedule is about to enter ‘Expert’ mode. Loyola is next, and Cornell and Duke are on the horizon. One win against these teams shows they’re a top 10 team. Two wins get them a top 5 standing. Three wins mean they are staring down an undefeated season.

7 Duke LW: 8 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 6

W 17-7 vs Penn

Duke is really trying to prove that the High Point loss was a fluke. Beating Penn by 10 is definitely a good step in that direction after the Quakers took Maryland into overtime. Next up is Richmond, who is not sneaking up on anyone after upsetting ACC foe Notre Dame. Then, they face Loyola.

8 Denver LW: 9 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 8

W 15-6 vs Utah, W 16-8 vs Cleveland St

These games were relatively routine for the the Pios, so they kind of hover for the week.

9 Villanova LW: 16 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 10

W 10-9 vs Hofstra

‘Nova followed up their huge win over Yale by squeaking past Hofstra. I’m definitely not putting them in the top 5 yet, but they earn serious considering week to week.

10 Syracuse LW: 11 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 12

W 10-8 vs Army

‘Cuse getting this win without Tyson Bomberry on defense is huge. They looked much more like the team that played Albany than who played Colgate. They’ll need more of that with Virginia rolling into town.

11 Notre Dame LW: 5 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 17

L 8-9 vs Richmond

I didn’t drop Notre Dame too far for their loss to Richmond, but I did really think about it. The thing is, if they’re not a top 10 team, and are more like a top 15 to top 20 or worse, they’ll be 1-4 by the middle of March. They either adapt fast or drop.

12 Army LW: 13 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 15

W 10-4 vs Marist, L 8-10 vs Syracuse

Army without question would have dropped if they didn’t have the Marist win as well. Their defense is going to need some serious improvement if they want to keep winning games, though. Relying on your goalie to have a career game each week is not any way to live.

13 Navy LW: 12 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: UR

L 14-9 vs Maryland

Navy would have fallen more for this game, but they’re right near a whole bunch of other teams losing to ranked teams. Since it was Maryland, it earns them a little bit more credit. But the leash is definitely shortening right now.

14 High Point LW: 15 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 11

W 14-13 vs UVA, L 10-9 vs St. John’s

High Point looked unstoppable after that UVA win and seemed like they were destined to be a top ten team. But, St. John’s? Really? This is why voters get gray hair.

15 UVA LW: 6 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 13
L 14-13 vs High Point, W 12-11 vs Princeton

I really dropped UVA this week. I’m big believer in not overreacting, but UVA’s expectations are not matching up to their work on the field so far. They really need to win in Syracuse this week, otherwise this team will start seeing shades of UVA a few years ago.

16 Richmond LW: UR Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 14

W 17-12 vs UMBC, W 9-8 vs Notre Dame

The Spiders had one of the best upsets of the weekend. They have a big one with Duke this week, but after a close loss to Maryland to open the season, they really could pull it off. The SoCon is definitely getting interesting!

17 Ohio State LW: UR Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 9

W 16-13 vs Bucknell

I finally am giving a vote for Ohio State. Sure they’re undefeated, but their schedule has been incredibly weak. Based on schedule alone, I don’t understand them being a top 10 to a top 5 team. When you factor in personnel and potential, I can see it. Once their real schedule kicks in, we’ll know for sure. But that just hasn’t happened yet.

18 Rutgers LW: 14 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: UR

L 13-7 vs Loyola

I did drop Rutgers slightly for this one, but given that it was Loyola who they lost to, I can’t see dropped them out of the list entirely. But they need to get back into the win column soon. Fairfield next will provide that opportunity.

19 Colgate LW: 17 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: 16

L 6-11 vs Maryland

Same as Rutgers. Losing to Maryland isn’t going to cost you a ton, but it’s definitely a slip. They really need a win over a potentially dangerous Hobart team next. Their defense better be ready.

20 Princeton LW: 18 Inside Lacrosse Media Poll: UR

L 12-11 vs UVA

I almost dropped Princeton entirely, but due to their late Ivy start, they get to hang out for another week. Their upcoming matchup with Hopkins will definitely be interesting after Hop just knocking off my No. 20 from last week.

Who did I drop?:



Who did I leave out?

No. 18 Hopkins

No. 19 Georgetown

No. 20 UNC

Not having the last three teams on my ballot is not going to make me lose much sleep. I can understand the case for Georgetown, but they just need a larger body of work to up the confidence. The national poll had UNC higher, so it made the Hopkins win over the Heels in the mud pit look better. I still prefer Princeton and Rutgers, though.

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