boca raton benjamin lacrosse
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Is This The Greatest High School Lacrosse Comeback Of All Time?

With an 8-0 lead at halftime, most teams will put on the cruise control, possess the ball, pump a couple more goals in, and hang on for the win.  The same is true on the flip side, as very few teams that are down 8-0 will even come back to make the game competitive, let alone pull out the win… but in South Florida, just about anything is possible!

boca raton benjamin lacrosse

Boca Raton HS recently played the Benjamin School, and everything from the Power Rankings to the Polls said that this was going to be a tight game.  Boca Raton entered the game polling at #5, and Benjamin at #6.  Both teams were in the 20-25 range for the Florida Power Rankings, and the predicted goal differential was within 1 or 2.

So imagine our collective surprise when Benjamin raced out to an 8-0 lead at halftime!  And then imagine our surprise as Boca Raton showed no quit, and came back to win 14-13 in OT!  Who doesn’t score a single goal in the first half and then drops 13 over the next two quarters?  BR, that’s who.

Watch the clip below to see a tale of three games!  The first is all Benjamin, the second is all Boca and the third is the game winner by Greg Swanson.

What a game!  Have you ever been a part of a better comeback story?  If so, we definitely want to hear about it in the comments!