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Jamie Dawick: Toronto Rock Owner on Lacrosse Classified

Jamie Dawick is our special guest today on Lacrosse Classified. Dawick is the owner of the Toronto Rock. Hosts Jake Elliott and Evan Schemenauer discuss all things collective bargaining agreement from an owner’s perspective in the ongoing negotiations between the league and the Professional Lacrosse Players Association. This is a must-listen podcast!

Also joining us on the show today is Inside Lacrosse’s Pat Gregoire from IL Indoor. Gregoire was gracious enough to stop by the show and have a great chat with him. For a great shot of an especially impressive mullet from Gregoire, check out the tweet below:

Jamie Dawick: Lacrosse Classified

For last week’s episode of Lacrosse Classified with the President and the Executive Director of the Professional Lacrosse Players Association, click here.

Find Lacrosse Classified on Twitter here. You can also find our hosts Evan Schemenauer and Jake Elliot on Twitter at @SchemLax and @PxP4Sports, respectively. Jamie Sawick can be found on Twitter at @JDawick.