Jim Calder Tales of a Lacrosse Troubadour
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Jim Calder’s ‘Tales of a Lacrosse Troubadour’ Is Almost Funded

Jim Calder has authored “Lacrosse – The Ancient Game” and “Women Play Lacrosse – A History of the International Field Game” and is now onto his third project: “Tales of a Lacrosse Troubadour.”

His latest book aims to celebrate the game and its transformations over the last 50-plus years, beginning hundreds of years ago when lacrosse first brought Indigenous peoples together. Lacrosse has a rich history, and “Tales of a Lacrosse Troubadour” will look through it all, from the early origins of the sport to the modern building of championship teams at the national, international, and professional levels from the player, builder, and promoter perspectives.

Jim Calder has almost finished writing the book and otherwise just needs the finishing touches of artwork to make it complete. A Kickstarter has been launched to fund the project that must reach its goal by the deadline of May 5 to make the book a reality.

Almost $15,000 has already been donated to make sure “Tales of a Lacrosse Troubadour” is backed. With more than 80 supporters as of Friday afternoon, the project has come a long way to becoming a reality.

“It has been really gratifying to see the lacrosse community step up on this project,” Jim Calder said in his campaign’s latest update. “The result will be a book that will cover the last 55 years of the growth of the game, explain the roots of the medicine game that exist in our modern sport, and entertain the readers with stories they can relate to.”

The stated goal on the project’s Kickstarter page is $16,295, and if that bar is not met by the set deadline, all donations will be refunded.

But if the amount is collected in time, then Jim Calder and his team, which includes artists such as Brooklyn’s Vincent Ricasio (The Art of Lax), Murray Henderson (Sport Artist) of Peterborough, Ontario, Oklahoman Jane Semple Umsted, and Gill Stead, who also worked with Calder on his first two books.

“I have the experience of delivering two successful beautiful books that have sold world-wide,” Calder explained on his page. “I have long envisioned a third book to complete the set.”