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John Grant Jr MLL Record
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John Grant Jr MLL Record: 280 Goals

The lax world is talking about a new John Grant Jr MLL Record, and it has to do with him passing Kevin Leveille as the all-time leading goal scorer in Major League Lacrosse. Junior entered the game with 276 goals, and needed just one to tie Leveille at 277. Instead, John Grant Jr dropped four goals (and four assists!) to move to 280 total goals, and set a new MLL record.

Photo Credit: Craig Chase

This has been an interesting Summer for John Grant Jr, and while the biggest news seemed to be that he was barred from playing for Canada in the recent World Lacrosse Championships, due to a somewhat controversial medical exemption denial/anti-doping decision by the FIL, it now seems like the new headline should be about Canadian resolve!

John Grant Jr MLL Record2

First, Canada offers Grant Jr an assistant coaching spot with the national team, which he accepts. Then the national team takes down Team USA and wins Gold. THEN, Junior returns to Major League Lacrosse and TEARS IT UP WITH A VENGEANCE. Just when things looked their darkest for one of the best players ever, he goes and does something like this. That’s a great example of resilience and mental toughness.

Now, before you complain that this record is tarnished, because of the FIL anti-doping decision, you must remember that Major League Lacrosse has cleared Junior to play with this medical exemption, and that his use of testosterone has been approved by the league. He’s not skirting the MLL rules, and is good to go according to the rule book. This record is LEGIT!

John Grant Jr MLL Record2

Ok, you want to see Junior put up some numbers? Who doesn’t? This stuff is magic:

John Grant Jr MLL Record – 280 Goals

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It’s interesting to note that Kevin Leveille broke the all-time goals record, previously held by Tim “the Monster” Goettelman, earlier this Summer. Since then, Leveille was named captain of Team USA, and has played in the MLL a bit less. With both Rochester (Leveille) and Denver (Grant Jr) headed to the playoffs, I think we could still see another flip flop in the record books. Will Leveille keep playing pro lacrosse though? Has he found other interests? We’ll have to wait and see.

Another record on the table is the all-time points record, currently held by Casey Powell, of the Florida Launch. Powell is still playing, so this points record battle could go on for quite a while, and definitely through the rest of the Summer season. Hopefully, both of these “old men” keep playing, and we get to see a little crafty veteran back and forth before either retires! That could be this year, it could be in 10 years. At this point, who knows with these guys?!?!?!

John Grant Jr MLL Record4

Check out a couple more amazing photos from Craig Chase, below. Loyola’s Jack Runkel got his first MLL action in this game as well. Good on ya, Jack! Here’s a GIF!

save lacrosse on Make A Gif

How does the ball do that? Magic, I guess.

Game Photos by Craig Chase