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Junior College Report – 2019 Preview Pt. 2

The NJCAA men’s lacrosse preview continues with more team by team previews, gear photos, and preseason highlight reel goals!

Two weeks ago we got caught up on 2018 news and early (but important!) 2019 info. Last week I threw out my own Pre-preseason Top 10 poll and we got eight big team previews done. This week we’re back with more detailed team previews, breaking news, gear photos, and some NJCAA men’s lacrosse “other stuff” that is really, truly, top notch material. It may only be the preseason, but we’re already seeing some highlight reel goals!

On to Part 2 of the Junior College Report’s 2019 Preview! (Part 1 is HERE)

NJCAA Top 10 Preseason Poll

Looks like we’re going to have to wait a couple more days until we see the official NJCAA preseason poll. I’d be bummed, but it’s just increasing the anticipation, so it’s fine. In the meantime, check out my personal Pre-preseason Top 10 poll from last week. It’s pretty good (man, that was a really shameless self plug, huh?).

NJCAA Lacrosse on the Internet!

Ok, we’ll start things off with a couple of super impressive goals. The first has to be seen to be believed. Howard’s Bobby Solomon is going to be a special talent to watch!

I’m going to follow that one up with this back hand effort from Mercer CC in their scrimmage against NCAA D3 opponent, Drew University. This goal is… really really saucy, just don’t call it Bearnaise. Yowzers!

I put Mercer in my Pre-preseason Top 10 in Part 1 of the Junior College Report. This kind of stuff is a big reason why:

This is less of a preseason highlight, and more just a really good idea. Any and all NJCAA team that want to do porthole mesh throwback uniforms have my EXPLICIT approval. DO IT. Please?

Looking good FLCC, nice lid!

Delaware Tech – Club for 2019

I am working on getting more information here, but for now I can confirm that the Delaware Tech CC Men’s lacrosse team will function as a club this spring season. As further updates on the current status and future of the program become available, I will provide those updates.

Either way, we wish Delaware Tech the best of luck this season and beyond.

2019 Junior College Team Previews & Players To Watch

Check out last week’s post for 2019 Previews of Onondaga, Genesee, Finger Lakes, Anne Arundel, Mercer, Union, Howard, and Monroe.

Potomac State Catamounts

2019 Team Captains: One guy awarded for each Core Value: Passion, Effort, Family, Respect. Will be determined this week.
2019 Players to Watch: Nathan Woodhill (FR./Goalie), Gavin Keniston (FR./LSM), Kareem Gillespie (FR./MID)
Quote from Head Coach, Josh Seese, on his team for 2019: “Hopeful for this group to mature and continue to grow as a unit. We are miles ahead of last year athletically! But can we scrape together some tough wins by not shooting ourselves in the foot? To be determined.”
Social Media worth following: Twitter

Might be the “preseason sky” photo of the year right here!

Herkimer Generals

2019 Team Captains: Sophomores Jack Babka and Ryan O’Hara
2019 Players to Watch: Jace Babka (Midfield), Spencer Parks (Midfield), Alex Gorgas (Midfield), Ryan O’Hara (Attack), Dylan Utter (Attack), Zach St. Hilaire (Attack), and Jack Babka (Goalie)
Quote from Head Coach, Jamie Ireland, on his team for 2019: “We have been working hard and very excited for the start of the season.  This is great group of guys we have to carry on this great tradition that we have here at Herkimer.”

Coaches – please send in your team info if you have not done so already!

Update on Mercyhurst NE

As promised last week, I got an update from Mercyhurst NE Head Coach, Logan Tousaw, on the current situation at MNE, and how things are looking for the program moving forward. I’m excited to see they are setting high expectations with the plan on bringing the team back next year. See below for a full quote from Coach Tousaw:

“When I first came in we had 12 guys on the team. A few of the incoming freshman and returning sophomores went with the former coach to his new destination, and other returners didn’t come back because of the coaching change. So we are looking at this as the start of a new program. Building culture is huge, which is easier to do from a fresh start.

“This season all of the guys on the team are simply practicing and getting better by the day. Their improvement and transformation has been truly amazing to witness. Some schools, such as Marquette (my alma mater), take their first season to practice and improve so they can hit the ground running the next year, this is our goal. We have talented players with experience, and guys who haven’t played before. Just practicing allows us the opportunity to teach these new guys the game and get everyone on the same page with culture, expectations and lacrosse.

“I’m so excited for this season and especially the 2019-2020 season. The current players are hungry and our recruits are quite talented, I think we’ll surprise some people when we come out in 2020.”

Mercyhurst NE Coach Tousaw

This is fantastic to hear, and we wish the best to Mercyhurst NE as they make their way back to the NJCAA lacrosse world.


For anyone else who wants to share NJCAA info, photos, video, etc with me, please hit me up on Twitter at @ConnorWilsonLAS. Holler at me, and share content with me you want to see in the Junior College Report. Let’s talk Junior College lacrosse, and maybe even give me a follow. Gosh, my self-confidence sure could use it.

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