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Kentucky Lacrosse: A Story Of Champions

Editor’s Note: Muamer Razic has the WHOLE Kentucky Lacrosse story.  Ok, maybe not the whole thing, but he certainly provides and extremely comprehensive, passionate and first hand account of all the action that’s been going on in Kentucky lacrosse recently.  KYLax in the house!!!!


Here are a couple of recaps from the Kentucky High School DI boy’s semifinals from Wednesday night and the Championship game on Friday. Thank you for the great articles about each of the games. (Click on the titles to read the articles by LCS about each of the games!)

Trinity breezed by Kentucky Country Day 17-1.

Senior Matt Herner and sophomore Kevin Sims scored for goals apiece… what an offense! Eric Edelen (senior) has 3 goals with 1 assist, Alex Karman (senior) had 2 goals, and Austin Zehnder (sophomore) had 2 goals with 3 assists. Trinity only had 3 goals in the first quarter but they worked the KCD defense with 14 goals in the next three quarters. Talk about going on a run!

Not only did Trinity’s offense and defense play well but their faceoff man Brad Lott (junior) was 17 of 22 on the night. “Our defense knew who their studs were and we played a solid system against them,” said Coach Pete Schroeder. “I’m proud of those guys. That was a great effort in the playoffs against a strong team.”

Coach Pete was recently selected by US Lacrosse as one of the top coaches in the country! Trinity went on the face their rival St. X in the state championship game Friday night (5/20/11). Remember St. Xavier lost to Trinity 8-6 on May 5th during the regular season in the rivalry game.

While the St. X Tigers downed Collegiate 6-5 in a thrilling game.

When you talk about St. X’s game again Collegiate you can’t help but mention Seth Gray who was in the minds of the entire defense of the Titans. Seth had already scored 3 goals so of course the Titans defense was going to put more attention on him. Seth assisted Zayne Smith (sophomore) for a tie-breaking goal with about a minute left! The St. Xavier Tigers were able to hold on to the lead to come out with the W!

“Seth’s a real good finisher. He’s not he fastest guy in the world, but he catches everything you throw to him and can hit the goal from anywhere,” said St. Xavier Head Coach Scott Howe. “If we get the ball to his stick, there’s a pretty good chance it’s going in the goal, so he draws some attention. And when he gets open, everybody runs to him and in turn frees up somebody else. And that’s what we got there at the end.” That’s some high praise by the coach!

Now fast forward to tonight (5/20/11), Friday.

It’s the State Championship game between St.X and Trinity.

Trinity comes into the game undefeated this season, and St. Xavier comes into the game with a sour taste in their mouth from losing to Trinity during the regular season. Both teams new it would be a battle for the title. St. Xavier ended up winning the game 9-5.

“We lost in the state title game to St X. Congrats to X; very proud of our kids, 15-1 is still one hell of a ride this year” said Trinity coach Pete Schroeder.  Pete was awarded Coach of the Year and the end of the game, and I can say that he deserves it!

Kentucky HS lax champs
St. Xavier with their title!
Pete Schroeder - Kentucky HS lacrosse Coach of the Year
Coach of the Year: Pete Schroeder!

Now on another note, Kentucky also has Division II and Division III, and they’ve also been on a championship run. No matter what Division it is, everyone wants that title.

The Division II Championship game was between Dunbar and Ballard. Dunbar came out with the W winning the game 9-7. My good friend Clay Larmour (goalie) had an outstanding 15 saves to ensure Dunbar came out with the win. Clay is going to Hanover to play lacrosse with my teammate Trent Norris.

Kentucky HS lacrosse Champs Dunbar
Clay (#4) and his team celebrating!

The Division III Championship game was between Greenwood (I love my team!) and Oldham County. We are the first men’s team in Greenwood history to bring home a state title winning the game 9-6. Trent Norris had 3 goals and 1 assist while Connor Donley had 3 goals and 2 assists. Connor went on to be named the MVP of the tournament and was also named apart of the All-State team.

Not only did our offense play amazing, but our defense played the best game of their lives. Hank Glenn, Will Brewer, Richard Ratusny, Frankie Burkett, and all of our other defenders had extraordinary games.

I’m so proud of everyone on my team; we all played our hearts out to win the championship.

Kentucky State Champs Lacrosse Greenwood Muamer
Yeah, we made history. No big deal.