Kohl's Department Store
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Spotted: Kohl’s Department Store Reps Lacrosse

Editor’s note: Welcome to another installment of “Spotted,” where we shine a light on lacrosse spotted in unexpected places, such as on TV, in a movie, or even in real life. Be sure to drop us a line if you spot the beautiful sport of lacrosse in a place you didn’t expect.

Today we have a spotting from a Kohl’s department store in West Chester, Ohio. This poster is likely displayed to advertise the shirt and hat worn by the main subject. He’s presumably the coach of the team and has his squad lined up behind him in the box.

Did you spot lax at a Kohl’s department store near you?

Have you seen this display – or another lacrosse-related ad – in Kohl’s department store near you? I’m guessing you have if you shop there, because we also had this spotting at a Kohl’s back in September. Let us know if you’ve spotted lacrosse at a Kohl’s or somewhere else you didn’t expect to find it!

Soon we may have to set up a global map for all these lacrosse spottings… good problem to have! #GrowTheGame

Spotted - lacrosse in unexpected places