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Wes Berg Lacrosse Gear
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Wes Berg: Lacrosse Gear I Can’t Function Without

The most important feature of lacrosse gear is functionality.

It’s nice to look good. But I know I’d rather have my funny bone protected and my movement be as free as possible than to flex and flaunt. That explains what you’ll find in my gear bag.

To start off my gear bag rundown, I use the Warrior Evo QX-O Warp for my head. It might as well be called the Evo6 as it’s the next evolution from the Evo5.

Wes Berg Lacrosse Gear - Warrior Evo QX-O

It’s a little sleeker of a design, it doesn’t have quite as much flex in it, and the profile is changed up a bit. I feel the most comfortable with it at the end of my shaft.

Speaking of which, I’m using the Warrior Fatboy PRO Carbon shaft for indoor right now.

Wes Berg Lacrosse Gear - Warrior Fatboy PRO Carbon shaft

It’s pretty light for how strong it is. It’s nice to have thick carbon. It’s light for an old guy, and it also doesn’t break as quickly. It’s the latest technology for carbon, it’s got a nice grip to it, and the wrapping on it is pretty comfortable. I don’t pack my gear bag without it.

When it comes to my shoes, I like to stick with my New Balance OMN1s, Kawhi Leonard’s sneaker.

Wes Berg Lacrosse Gear - New Balance OMN1s

They’re not technically lacrosse gear as they’re meant for basketball, they work perfectly for box. The OMN1s are light and comfortable, and with my wide feet, New Balance makes a shoe that fits me well.

New Balance OMN1s

Lately, I’ve been using them more for their intended use in pick-up basketball contests, but when the lacrosse season is back in full swing, I’m be showcasing them on the floor, too.

For my gloves, I go with Warrior Evos. I’ve been using this same kind of gloves dating back to my days at Denver, and they’ve stayed with me as a core piece of my gear bag all through my professional career.

Wes Berg Lacrosse Gear - Warrior Evo Gloves

Luckily for me, Warrior custom makes mine, providing me with a unique palm that works in tandem with my game. Plus, I like their look!

A recent accessory I’ve added to my gear list is the Net Wrap collection I collaborated with MSNLazer to design and mold.

Net Wraps boast revolutionary impact screen technology and a mesh framing system that’s light, sleek, and proven to succeed. They’re made for home use, so you can get better at lacrosse in your own backyard. The impacts are quick and quiet so you don’t bother your family and neighbors, and there’s nothing else like it out there.


MSNLazer offers designs inspired by some of the most important teams in my lacrosse life, from my early days on my hometown Coquitlam Adanacs to my college years at Denver University to my NLL career with the San Diego Seals, to help me celebrate the stages I’ve gone through in the game.

Everything I bring with me in my gear bag serves a function.

I’m always looking for things that are light and feel good but offer quality protection and longevity. So for the most part, Warrior products are what I use.

I’ve been around the Warrior brand since I was a kid, and so I’m used to it now. They make gear for indoor and outdoor, which means I can stay consistent with what I play with for both. I know my gear will take a beating – it’s lacrosse after all – so durability and strength are crucial!

What gear am I missing? Comment below or tag me and @LaxAllStars on social media with your input.