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Lacrosse GIFs: Top 5 GIFs Describing 5 NLL Moments

Hey there, sports fans! It’s time once again for Lacrosse GIFs! We take five of the most monumental moments from the last week of lacrosse action and try to describe them in one GIF. Hilarity ensues. General merriment and lacrosse cheer breaks out. Things such as world peace and world hunger are solved. You get the idea.

This week we are featuring five moments from Week 2 of the National Lacrosse League. Some top moments include Austin Staats’ nine point performance against the Mammoth in the Loud House, the Teddy Bear Toss in Colorado and Rhys Duch’s monster night for the Warriors.

Lacrosse GIFs: NLL Week 2

No. 1: Release the Teddy’s

The Teddy Bear toss has become a favorite tradition in the Mile High City. It was the second annual toss of the teddy’s, and the bears were released on Colorado’s third goal of the game. Jeremy Noble nabbed the goal for the Mammoth that sent the teddy’s flying. All of the teddy bears are being donated to the ‘A Precious Child’ organization. Pretty cool.

If the teddy bears could celebrate, we think they’d be doing this:

No. 2 Austin Staats Puts Up Nine Points in Win Over Mammoth

Austin Staats, who was the No. 1 overall selection in this year’s draft after leaving Onondaga Community College early to play professionally, announced his entry into the league in style. Staats scored five goals and assisted four others that allowed the Seals to spoil the Mammoth’s home opener. Staats looked completely comfortable on the floor, which is a good sign for the Seals. What did we think of his performance? Well, we’ll tell you in a GIF:

We think that performance should silence even his toughest critics.

No. 3: San Diego Seals Get First-Ever Franchise Win

The San Diego Seals put on quite a show at the Loud House, showing that expansion franchises can have success early on in the season. This win for San Diego was historic for many reasons. It was a great holiday win to get fans excited. It signaled that the San Diego franchise is here to compete. That means good things for a franchise located in a city that is not a traditional hotbed of lacrosse. As we saw during the Seals’ first open-door practice of the season when 5,000 fans showed up, people in San Diego want this team to succeed. Winning should help cement that. What will be really exciting is San Diego’s home opener on January 12, should the Seals enter that game 3-0.

What GIF fits this great holiday season achievement? Well…

No. 4: Rhys Duch Scores 10 in First Trip Back to Vancouver

Rhys Duch, who was traded in the offseason by Vancouver to the Roughnecks, proved he still packs plenty of punch as he hung 10 points on his former team. While it was an impressive game, what was even more impressive was that he scored his 900th point during the contest. Congrats to Duch!

Here is a live look in at Vancouver right now:

No. 5: Todd Labranche Back At It Again

Todd Labranche has become something of a legend among referees of the NLL. Labranche was famous for his penalty announcement (I’m paraphrasing), ‘These two were clearly having issues with each other. We’ll give them two minutes to think about what they’ve done.’ In the Vancouver v. Calgary game, Labranche got a little feisty:

It was a lawless world in the NLL until Todd Labranche came around:

That’s it for this week! Check back next week for Week 3 of Lacrosse GIFs!

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