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Lacrosse Invades Korean Pop through AOA "Heart Attack"
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Lacrosse Invades Korean Pop through AOA “Heart Attack”

If you haven’t already seen this video, it is a must watch. You should definitely check out the lyrics at some point as well. One of the most popular lacrosse-(ish) videos ever has been created by a Korean Pop (K-Pop) group called Ace of Angels (AOA) and their song Heart Attack.

The producers of this video did a great job of making sure every one of the guys had the right equipment. Most of the guys on the team are wearing the Korean National Team’s helmet and gloves.

They did lack a little bit for the women though. The women’s sticks are restrung guy sticks (as far as I can tell), they don’t have goggles, and their goalie doesn’t have any pads. The things they missed aren’t a big deal because of how great this video is. There are even other media outlets talking about it, its crazy.

At first, there is a scrimmage where the ladies get destroyed by the guys, but by the end of the video everything comes full circle. The femme-fatales distract the guys with different techniques like melting one of the guys with a kiss, mid-crank, in order to win the game.

The video also has a little bit of a love story to it as well. One of the girls gets knocked down and helped up by one of the guys. When they play again, she gets a step closer in having a relationship with the male player she likes.

This all comes together to make the perfect lacrosse infused K-Pop music video! Either that or we all just got trolled… here’s to lacrosse going mainstream, somewhere!

Other mainstream media outlets are beginning to talk about lacrosse in a positive light.

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If anyone knows anything about this band, the lacrosse players in the video, or why this even happened, please drop us a note in the comments below!