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lacrosse mesh buyers guide
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The Ultimate Lacrosse Mesh Buyers Guide 2021-22

Whether you’re a stringer like me or would just like to know what type of mesh to buy when getting your head strung for this lacrosse season, I have you covered in this buyers guide.

For as long as I can remember, I have been stringing my own heads and the heads of many other players. I have come across mesh I love and mesh I, well, really don’t love. I can confidently say this list is composed of some of the best types of mesh to hit the market.

What qualifies as a good mesh, you may ask?

For me, there are several main factors that make a mesh good. The first, and one I feel gets overlooked a lot, is durability. Good meshes will last months and even several seasons in some cases. However, I will always suggest re-stringing a mesh that is showing signs of wear at the end of each season to ensure you don’t run into any mid-game mesh blowouts. Durability in mesh can come from a tight weave within the mesh or even just quality materials. This was an important factor in my decisions for this lacrosse mesh buyers guide.

The second qualification for a good mesh, and likely the most important to me, is consistency. I want mesh that won’t bag out because the material loosens up, and I surely don’t want mesh that will just give up at the first sign of bad weather. We all know lacrosse is a sport that encounters a good amount of bad weather early in the season. Make sure to choose a mesh that will hold up well in all conditions.

The last qualification is string-ability. This is one I think all avid stringers can agree on. A well-built mesh should never start to fray or come apart just from stringing. I personally love to pull my knots down tight when stringing, and I can sadly tell you there have been meshes that start to come apart just from stringing. Luckily, this buyers guide will ensure you steer clear of issues like this with your lacrosse mesh!

Now that we have our criteria out of the way, let’s get into the buyers guide and the top mesh for the 2021-22 lacrosse season.

Lacrosse Mesh Buyers Guide 2021-22

ECD Hero Mesh 3.0 Semi-Soft

I can remember when ECD dropped its first Hero Mesh – it was amazing. Lucky for you, this 3.0 version of Hero Mesh is even better. I can confidently say that this mesh checks off all my boxes for a good mesh and then some.

My favorite elements of this mesh are the weight and durability. While being insanely light and easy to break in, it’s also extremely durable. ECD also makes the claim that this mesh is 10 times more water repellent than the 2.0. That alone is pretty incredible. Needless to say, this is a mesh you can trust.

StringKing Type 4S

StringKing has become synonymous with quality and elite products since taking over a good chunk of the mesh game years back. It’s one of my favorite choices when looking for a mesh that will last all season starting with that snowy February weather. Through my three years of college lacrosse so far, I can tell you that StringKing mesh has always been in at least one of my sticks at all times and in the sticks of many other college players.

Not much more needs to be explained here aside from that StringKing is always a quality choice that is sure to impress. I will also add that 4S and other generations of StringKing mesh come in “X” and “S” versions. X is more of a semi-hard, while S is more semi-soft. The choice is yours!

Warrior Iso Warp Mesh

The newcomer to this list, the Warp Mesh introduces many new mesh elements in the lacrosse game. The Iso Warp mesh is an 8-Diamond mesh through most of the mesh but also features wider diamonds for more feel and control along the channel area of the mesh.

This is essentially an adaptation of Warrior’s Warp series of heads but in mesh form to allow for far more customization and stringing options. This mesh also features added durability and weather to ensure the player won’t have to worry about their pocket. I am very excited to see this mesh used this coming season!

Jimalax Prime Semi-Soft Mesh

The stringing supplies giant brings an affordable and quality offering to the market with Prime Mesh. Much like the other meshes on this list, this is a weatherproof quality mesh.

What separates this mesh from others? Price point. Coming in at roughly 10 bucks less, this is an affordable and quality choice whether you’re learning to string or throwing it in your college game stick.

Need More Help with Your 2021-22 Gear?

We have specialized buyers guides for the 2021-22 season coming your way the next few weeks, from mesh to helmets and more. Everything you need will be covered in our guides. Take a look at what we have prepared for you!