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Preseason lacrosse top 20 meme update
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DI Men’s Preseason Top 20 Updates in Memes

It’s early April. We’ve been through a good chunk of the college lacrosse season – long enough that we can look back at the preseason top 20 and laugh, cry, and nod our heads in agreement. That’s exactly what we’re going to do, but with only memes.

DI Men’s Lacrosse Preseason Top 20 MEME Updates

20 Richmond

Things haven’t been too bad for the Spiders, who are sitting at .500 so far. Still, their record would look a lot better if they hadn’t, like High Point, lost a bunch to the ACC.

19 Villanova

Starting out the season by scoring a single goal was maybe not the best look for a preseason top-20 lacrosse team. The Wildcats bounced back some since, but there’s no escaping that memory come seeding time.

18 Johns Hopkins

The less said about the 2021 Blue Jays, the better.

17 Penn

Some day, the Ivy will return to us. Penn gets to start playing local games shortly. Whether it’s enough to matter for this year is yet to be seen. 

16 Lehigh

Lehigh’s win over Army pushed the ‘Hawks to the top of the non-ACC (and Maryland) charts. Great start to the year so far for Lehigh, despite a late start.

15 Army

Army’s chances aren’t looking quite as hot now, but we’ll always have that upset win over ‘Cuse in the Dome.

14 UMass

UMass got one of the latest starts due to COVID protocols but have looked quite good since finally being allowed to play.

13 Loyola

Loyola looked very promising early, but dropping a conference game to Towson will really hurt the Greyhounds’ chances at an at-large bid.

12 Ohio State

The bright side here is that the Buckeyes only has to play in the not-so-great Big Ten this year. Good for them, since even that has been a struggle.

11 Cornell

Tough to give much of an update on your preseason top 20 status when you don’t play any lacrosse. #FreeTheIvys

10 Georgetown

Georgetown has a legit star in Jake Carraway and a great defense. Its depth, though, has been an issue compared to Denver.

9 Yale

Former Bulldogs are having a great season. The actual Bulldogs…well, don’t have a season.

8 Notre Dame

Best faceoff unit in the country? I’d say so, at least through the first half.

7 Penn State

In hindsight, Grant Ament might be the most valuable player of the decade for his school. This team looks like hot garbage half the time without him.

6 Virginia

Poor Virginia just can’t quite seem to get people to remember it’s still the defending champs. Everybody seems to want to put the Cavs fourth in the ACC, despite everything they’ve done.

5 Denver

The early season ACC trip didn’t go their way, but they’ve got a shiny new TD Ierlan and a lot more team chemistry since then. The Pios should be far scarier next time they face a top-10 team. 

4 North Carolina

A one-goal OT loss to No. 1 Duke is nothing to be ashamed of, and there’s a rematch on the horizon.

3 Syracuse

Syracuse is fully capable of being a top-five team. Syracuse is also fully capable of losing to anyone. Just don’t check on Tim Barber’s Twitter after a loss…

2 Maryland

The rest of the Big Ten would like to start petitioning that only Maryland is allowed to play out-of-conference games so that the Terps will go away and leave them all alone.

1 Duke

Duke is undefeated, has the biggest win out of anyone, and is stacked up and down the roster. It awaits humanity’s next best chance to take it down.