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Chaos and Halifax Thunderbirds player Tyson Bell explains how lacrosse taught him the important lesson that nothing in life comes easy.
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Lacrosse Taught Me Nothing in Life Comes Easy

Nothing in life comes easy. Lacrosse taught me that.

I’ve taken a difficult road to be where I am in the sport. I had to work extremely hard academically to salvage my career after making mistakes in the classroom, and it didn’t come easy. I got a later start than most players, let alone professionals, and it didn’t come easy. I had to fight for my roster spot in Calgary and solidify myself in the NLL, and it didn’t come easy.

Nothing worthwhile does.

Sometimes, it felt like it was too much. Some people consider Onondaga Community College to be the easy way out, or the easy way into something different. It might be that for some. It wasn’t for me. I struggled mightily during my two years there. I scraped by. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

And I’m a better person for it.

It’s not just the sense of accomplishment and reaping the later rewards – it’s also the experiences you have along the way.

I’m a professional lacrosse player in two leagues, and I’ve represented my country on an international stage. None of it happened overnight.

There were many years before these things. Many years of trekking back and forth from practice, of having incredible coaches teach me the game, of lifting and conditioning, of winning and losing on fields and in boxes you’ve never heard of against teams you’ll never know existed.

Along the way, I’ve been introduced to some of the best people I’ve ever known, gone to places I never expected to see, let alone play at, and built relationships so deep that they’ll last a lifetime.

Tyson Bell

My perspective on life has opened up because of lacrosse. It has provided me with my lifestyle and shown me that nothing is taken lightly, and nothing is taken for granted. And in return for my dedication to the sport, it has given me so much.

Lacrosse is one of my best methods of relieving stress. Once I pick up my stick, my brain shuts off the outside noise. It is consumed with only thoughts of how I can become a better player, how can I best help my team, or making sure my pass to my friend makes it right in their pocket.

Life is hard. It can be overwhelming. Lacrosse taught me that. It also makes it more manageable.

In many cases in life, you get what you give. I have given a lot to lacrosse, and it has repaid me in turn. It is extremely special to me, and I hope I can help continue to bring the sport forward, promote its growth, and let it make a difference in as many more lives as possible.