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Lacrosse Trips: Rules of the Road

Lacrosse Trips: Rules of the RoadYee Haw! The 2009 season is OFFICIALLY underway, and yesterday was the 3rd official launch day of the new MCLA website. Guess what? It actually happened this time! As many teams prepare to make their first lacrosse trip of the season, I’ve decided to provide you with a few crucial rules to live by while bunking at Motel 6 with your teammates…

Hopefully you’re road trips have you headed to warm and exotic locales and not the blistering cold.  Either way, I’m going to go ahead and assume your team is as strapped for cash as most mid-majors – non of this Hopkins, Salisbury, Michigan stuff.  So, here are a few road trip rules, some old and some new, that will help you and your team have a smooth ’09 season:

Lacrosse Trips: Rules of the Road

    1. If you’re a freshman don’t complain about sleeping 4 to a room, everyone’s gotta do it when they’re the newbie.
    2. Road trips are a good time to conduct contests such as “who can eat a whole bowl of Ranch Dressing at the buffet” or “how many slices of pizza can Tommy from Portland eat before he yacks”.
    3. Here’s a fun little competition for the downtime at the hotel: The Rodeo! Veterans should be CAREFUL though because you don’t want to hurt the star freshman.

    1. Showers are a good thing but don’t be THAT guy who showers longer than everyone else. What’s he doing in there anyway? Better not to ask.
    2. Seats in the back are reserved for the upperclassmen, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.
    3. If at all possible book a hotel with a pool in it. Aside from helping you bounce back faster, getting thirty guys in the pool moving in the same circular direction creates a big whirlpool and makes for a sweet physics experiment.

  1. If you’re a heads up player then you’ll order a cot to your room so you won’t have to snuggle with your fellow freshman.
  2. Hotel breakfasts are always terrible but “HEY! FREE FOOD!” Set a wake up call 10 mins before the rest of the guys and go grab some eats before the team descends like a swarm of locusts on the cold cereal and bear claws.    Breakfast of ChampionsThe swarm wakes up. The swarm is hungry.
  3. There is always one guy on the team who claims that he “likes sleeping on the floor.”  Look for the player who went to boarding school and likes to declare that it’s “good for my back”.  This is your new best friend.  Claim him as your bunkmate for road trips and you’ll get a bed all to yourself.

Let me know if you have any other road trip rules or advice! Remember, be safe out there.