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Lacrosse Video Explosion

As is often the case on Monday mornings, there is a ton of excellent lacrosse video out there. Since you have more important things to do than scan the internet for lacrosse action, we do it for you, put it all in one place, and call it a Lacrosse Video Explosion.

It’s simple, and effective.

(Main Photo Credit: Craig Chase)

Villanova Over Cuse

Sick Liberty BTB

English BUCS Highlight Video

Seton Hill Vs Walsh

George Mason Ladies Make SportsCenter

Colgate Over Navy

Davenport Over SUNY Buffalo

Merrimack and Team Impact

Harlem Lacrosse Visits UVA

Big Goalie Hit

The poster wonders why they got a penalty…

Cross check. That’s why!

“Other” Video

I like the dog at the end. That Golden is just so happy.