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Latrell Harris tracksuits
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Tracksuits, Joggers & Long Sleeves – My Guide to Style

I don’t have a picky style.

I’m not much of a formal person. You won’t usually see me in something with a collar or buttons. My style is about comfort first and foremost, and you can get that easier with other kinds of clothes.

That does not mean I never clean up, though. When duty calls, I can look fresh. Just peep my draft day footage.

Normally, I’m out in a Nike tech tracksuit or something similar. I’m a self-admitted huge tracksuit guy, so there is a good chance you will catch me in one out in public. And no, I am not Ricky from Trailer Park Boys, but it is possible my inner ego might be.

If I’m not rocking a tracksuit, I’m probably wearing some joggers, a pair of athletic shoes and a nice sweater or long-sleeve shirt, depending on the season. Just because I’m not going out in button-up shirts doesn’t mean I can’t combine comfort and looking good. If you find the right joggers, the right sweater and some fresh kicks, you can look solid while being ready to pick up the stick and throw the ball around at any moment. Plus, you can be warm, too.

But that’s off the field. It’s a different style when it comes to gamedays.

I always have to have my spandex leggings. Always. Usually it’s my longer ones, but sometimes I’ll switch it up and go with short spandex some games. But no matter what, I need to have my spandex to feel right when it’s game time.

The other hard and unquestionable rule I live by: white shoes and black socks are an absolute no. They do not mix. Never do it. I don’t care what your excuse is. There is no excuse. That’s an unforgivable. Never do it.