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Latrell Harris loves his candy, so he wrote out his top five favorite candies and broke it all down so you can rot your teeth like him.
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This Is the Candy I Couldn’t Live Without

If you know me, you know my love for candy.

To say I have a sweet tooth would be like saying the Cookie Monster has a sugar preference. When it comes to candy, I don’t play. This is where it gets serious.

Top 5 Candy I Can’t Live Without

Tropical Starburst

You simply cannot beat the best. Starbursts in general are the greatest overall candy there is, from the traditional style to the minis to the duo-flavored version, but tropical Starbursts are just too good to be true.

Tropical Skittles

There may be a trend here – give me a tropical flavoring, and I will buy your candy. And if you do it was well as Skittles does, I will regularly buy your candy. Skittles may or may not be part of why Marshawn Lynch is my all-time favorite athlete.

Fruity Mentos

Oh buddy, don’t get between me and my fruity Mentos. As far as I’m concerned, these don’t get enough love, and I willing to fight for my love. I will carry my fruity Mentos with me to my grave.


Any color, it doesn’t matter. For 25 cents, you can have all the sweet candy taste marinading your taste buds. Find me a better deal in the candy world, I dare you.

No, seriously, please, I would appreciate it. I really like candy.

Maynards Sour Watermelons

I have to show some love to my favorite sour candy. Why eat real watermelon when you can have it in bite-sized pieces with sugar and sour combining to numb your taste buds into submission? There’s no better way to start the day.

I understand if you’re concerned for my teeth. My dentist is, too. But don’t worry – I brush my teeth every morning, every night, and sometimes after dinner. These boys are covered. My NLL career puts them in more danger, anyway.