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2021 PLL Pick 'Em
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Lax All Stars 2021 PLL Pick ‘Em Competition

With the PLL back in 2021, the Lax All Stars team is having a competition to see who can do best in a weekly pick ’em for all the league’s games.

Here’s how it will work: all five of our contestants will publicly make their pick ’em selections the Friday before each PLL weekend. The scores will be tallied every Monday, with the updated standings going on social media, then later in this post. This post will contain every prediction from every week, so you can look back and follow how the campaign went for our pickers. The winner will be heralded as the voice of a lacrosse generation; the last-place loser will earn the world’s ridicule until the end of days, or at least until the 2022 season begins.

Our panel of pickers includes Nick Zoroya, Ryan Conwell, Nick “Peaches” Pietras, Jonathan Vance, and Ryan Kuhn, and they’re all hungry to reign supreme as this site’s savant. I, Justin Meyer, shall remain the unbiased official whose job it will be to coordinate, moderate, and rule over this 2021 PLL Pick ‘Em competition with an iron (yet fair) fist.

There will be a punishment for the last-place loser. Whomever is the pitiful bottom feeder will have to film themselves shooting on a lacrosse cage, aiming for the posts and crossbar. Every shot required to hit all three at least once will be worth $1. The last-place loser will be responsible to donate the proceeds generated by his shots to a charity to be determined. For example, if it takes the loser 50 shots to hit all three pipes, they will donate $50 to the charity.

The charity will be chosen through the help of Lax All Stars’ readers! If you know of a charity that you think should get the last-place loser’s donation, please nominate them on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook pages. As the season goes on, we will select a few of the nominated charities and hold a vote on social media for fans to decide the ultimate winner. Then everyone can enjoy watching the last-place loser give money to a worthy cause, as determined by our readers.

It’s the final week of the PLL regular season, and that means we’re very close to declaring a winner and biggest loser. The 2021 title is still very up for grabs, but last place is looking more clear. Peaches needs to get his act together immediately to save himself from the embarrassment.

Let’s get the Lax All Stars 2021 PLL Pick ‘Em underway.

Lax All Stars 2021 PLL Pick ‘Em

Updated Standings

T-1. Vance (17-13)

T-1. Kuhn (17-13)

3. Nick (16-14)

4. Conwell (14-16)

5. Peaches (12-18)

Week 8


Redwoods vs Whipsnakes

Archers vs Chaos

Atlas vs Waterdogs

Cannons vs Chrome

Chaos vs Redwoods

Archers vs Whipsnakes


Nick: Whipsnakes, Archers, Atlas, Chrome, Redwoods, Archers

Conwell: Redwoods, Archers, Atlas, Chrome, Redwoods, Archers

Vance: Redwoods, Archers, Atlas, Chrome, Redwoods, Whipsnakes

Kuhn: Whipsnakes, Archers, Waterdogs, Cannons, Redwoods, Archers

Peaches: Whipsnakes, Archers, Atlas, Chrome, Redwoods, Whipsnakes

Week 7 Results


Atlas 19 vs Chrome 10

Archers 15 vs Redwoods 12

Waterdogs 11 vs Whipsnakes 6

Chaos 14 vs Chrome 12

Atlas 13 vs Cannons 12


Week 5 Results


Waterdogs 19 vs Cannons 7

Redwoods 13 vs Whipsnakes 7

Atlas 16 vs Chaos 10

Chrome 6 vs Waterdogs 12

Cannons 13 vs Archers 12


Week 4 Results


Archers 7 vs Chrome 8

Redwoods 19 vs Waterdogs 16

Cannons 10 vs Chaos 14

Whipsnakes 15 vs Archers 14

Chrome 10 vs Atlas 16


PLL Pick Em week 4

Week 3 Results


Whipsnakes 12 vs Atlas 11

Redwoods 9 vs Chaos 11

Waterdogs 8 vs Archers 17

Cannons 17 vs Atlas 18

Chrome 16 vs Whipsnakes 6


2021 PLL Pick 'Em Week 3 picks

Week 2 Results


Chaos 12 vs Waterdogs 14

Whipsnakes 15 vs Cannons 14

Redwoods 9 vs Atlas 12

Chrome 9 vs Waterdogs 14

Chaos 8 vs Archers 12


Week 1 Results


Cannons 11 vs Redwoods 12

Chaos 7 vs Whipsnakes 13

Atlas 6 vs Archers 18

Cannons 13 vs Waterdogs 7

Redwoods 14 vs Chrome 11


2021 PLL Pick 'Em

Good luck to all of our six contestants in this 2021 PLL Pick ‘Em challenge. This will be a true test of your lacrosse knowledge, fortune telling, and trash-talking abilities.