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The LaxIQ in UMass vs Hofstra '06 is Insane

The LaxIQ in UMass vs Hofstra ’06 is Insane

This is John Danowski’s Hofstra versus an ECAC dominant Massachusetts program in the 2006 NCAA Quarterfinals. With the game being played at “neutral site” Stony Brook, Long Island was an absolute madhouse for Hofstra in this game. But, as it turns out, it was the Minutemen outlasting the Pride in overtime, 13-12, to move on. UMass would eventually play for the National Championship, losing to Virginia.

It’s wild. It’s wonderful. It’s all in the Lacrosse Film Study library for you enjoyment.

UMass v Hofstra 2006 Quarterfinals LaxIQ


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NEW Awesome Lacrosse Art

Our buddy Tony Becker blew us away with his prints tying lacrosse and nature back together. We loved them so much we had to get them out to the world. Six animals on posters, canvas, you name it! Check out the entire collection for yourself.

Tony Becker Art

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