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Lacrosse Recruiting with Connor Martin
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Lax Recruiting 101 with Connor Martin

Editor’s Note: It looks like Con is trying to make his way back into the lacrosse spotlight and it all starts with getting his new recruitment video out there. Basically everything that you are about to read is parody and the exact opposite of what you should really do.

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This week I really wanted to use Lacrosse All Stars as a platform to get my name out there and try to get some visibility for my game.

I’ve been under recruited my whole life and finally took matters in to my own hands to try to get back in to the MLL, NLL, or on a really, really good Men’s Summer Club Team.

Anyways, enjoy my highlights from last year and please email w/ any inquiries. Thanks and have a great day.

– Connor Martin

Stats from last summer:

  • 14 GB’s (13 games | 1.1 GB per game)
  • 3-8 Face Off wins (willing to face off)
  • 18 goals (4 pipes)
  • 1 Assist (Should’ve been 14, attack couldn’t catch)

Team W-L record: 7-5-1 (Lightning left game unfinished, we were up by 3 in 4th quarter)

Tourneys: Tahoe Lacrosse Classic, Lake Placid Men’s Tourney, Lacrosse Northwest Summer League

Notable Honors: 1st Pick Lacrosse Northwest Summer League 2014, 4 1/4 MLL Pro, 13th All-Time Leading Scorer Lakeridge High School, 1st Team All- Chaptown Practice Squad MCLA 2007, 2nd Team All-Attitude (Passes occasionally, if you’re good).

What 1 thing does every “perfect recruiting video” never miss?

TOP CHEDDAR. Coaches need to see you ripping cheese if you want to be taken seriously. Don’t you dare put a low pie or bouncer shot in there.

What else should I include in my reel?

The fact is you are looking out for #1 when making these recruiting vids, BUT we need to put in the video anything that points to the fact you’re a team players, whether you are or aren’t, coaches need to think they’re bringing in a team guy.

Then when you get to campus, shoot the ball every time you get the ball and let them know you are ready to quarterback their offense.

Who do I send it to?

The only 3 schools that matter. Hopkins, ‘Cuse, and the Terps. And then add a couple safety schools like Harvard or Princeton because Ivy League would make your parents happy.

Don’t you dare send it to a D3 school. They’ll call you…

What type of jams should be on the video? Classic rock for the coaches, hardcore techno for the fans or smooth R&B for the ladies?

Hardcore Rhythm and Blues works. Anything that makes you look hard and can convince the coach you can take a hit in the middle and get back up

What if I don’t have very much/any game film? How do I show a coach I mean business?

Someone’s got an iPhone. Get on a roof top and do some stick tricks and go rip in your backyard (TOP CHEDDAR ONLY)

What should I make sure to avoid on my reel?

Never show any weakness. This includes not showing you riding on attack (you’re too good to ride, save your energy for ripping G’s from the island), playing defensive middy (you are strictly on this team to score goals from the midfield), and never show them you celebrating (you’ve been there before, you hate lacrosse, you are just doing your job so your parents will give you dinner that night).

Coaches don’t want that crap, they need machines and they need goal scorers. Now get out there and rip some ched!