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Planking was honestly pretty good, and for a week or two, I laughed my rear end off at the preposterous plank situations people came up with.  Then we went to Tebowing, and brought a star athlete with pop culture drive into the arena.  But lacrosse guys can only do what others do for so long before we make it our own… so we came up with the perfect lax pose!!!

Ok, WE didn’t come up with the pose at all, but we’re naming it!  K18ing is here, alive, and well!  And it’s our Photo of the Week!

Aidan Acut~K18ing
K18ing with the best of them right here!

Aidan, Josh “Chewy” Acut’s rambunctious and lacrosse loving son, really deserves all the credit here.  Aidan is a big K18 fan, and he just loves lax.  So when we saw this photo, we knew a movement had just begun!  So of course we got in on the action!

Connor Wilson K18ing
CW getting in on the K18ing action.
Here are the keys to a successful K18 pose:
  • Wear sweatpants, sneakers, and a hooded sweatshirt.  
  • Jeans are also acceptable as K18 looks like he’s wearing jeans.  But, seriously, who trains in jeans?
  • Put the hood up.
  • Split dodge to a one-handed righty cradle.  Make sure you have a lacrosse stick!
  • Snap the photo!

Ridiculous locations will get you bonus points.  Funny facial expressions will get you bonus points.  Imitating K18 in some funny way will DEFINITELY get you bonus points (focus on the split dodge snarl!).  Touching your right knee with your left hand will get you bonus points.  Costuming will only get you bonus points if it’s truly special.  Replacing the lacrosse stick with some other prop could be amazing.  Depends on what the prop is!

So there you have it… the new thing to fill your Facebook page with: K18ing.

Aidan just won some Grow The Game laces from the Lacrosse Shop!  Congrats Aidan!

Click here to submit a photo of yourself K18ing!

Next week we’ll show off the best K18ing photos (if we get great submissions) or go back to our typical Photo of the Week format.