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LXM PRO Dallas 214 2013

LXM PRO 214: Dallas Recap

It looks like Team STX has started too pull away from Maverik United. The two teams squared off Saturday in Dallas, and the game finished much closer than when it started, 10-9. Check out the full recap of the game here!

After this weekend, it’s starting to look like Team STX is pulling away from Maverik United. The two teams squared off Saturday in Dallas, and the game finished much closer than when it started, as Team STX punched in a quick 5 goals on Johnny Rodriguez of Mav U, before the boys in green decided to get in to the game. The first 4 of those goals were tallied from K18, Bradman, Xander Ritz and Peter Baum, so I’m sure everyone in attendance felt like they were already getting their money’s worth.

Notes: Adrenaline, an LXM sponsor, is a proud partner of LAS; Photo Credit: ADRLN

LXM PRO Dallas 214 2013
Team STX defense, on point

Maverik’s first couple attempts at answering the STX scoring run didn’t go as planned. Matt Russell made a great save to shut down the fast break, and the next time around STX locked down all of the lanes and forced the turnover. The turnover resulted in STX moving the ball up the field quickly and was capped off by a Worley to Baum connection, Peter’s second goal of the afternoon. The lights-out plays from Team STX’s defense were rewarded by naming them the game’s MVP(s).

Just before the end of the 1st, J-Rod made a great save and immediately pushed the rock up field, where it fell in to the pocket of Shamel Bratton, who ripped a solid goal to get Maverik United on the board before the horn.

LXM PRO Dallas 214 2013
Put in work

In the beginning to the second, Rodriguez made another great save on a shot from Sam Bradman, and again the ball was pushed up field, this time to the Drexel Dragons product Aaron Prosser, who buried the ball behind Russell, scoring his first ever LXM goal. Mav U was able to grab a third goal, this time from Sean Lindsay, before Team STX had to remind Maverik who’s boss. Xander Ritz and Geoff Worley both scored for Team STX after beautiful feeds from Kyle Harrison and Andrew Casimir respectively. This pushed STX back up to a safer cushion, leading Maverik 7-3 going in to the half.

The game was back and forth after the start of the second half, and then Maverik took off on a three goal run. Erik Krum put two away and Brandon Corp had the other. Krum’s second was pretty impressive; a Brenneman dodge created an open Lindsay who found Krum with the shovel pass, which was buried off-side hip on Matt Russell. Maverik held STX to one goal in the third, bringing the score closer, 8-6.

The final quarter was a shoot out. Each goal scored was followed by a response for the opposing squad. Billy Bitter, of Maverik United, cashed in with two hot goals to help bring his team back, but on the other end K18 and Baum were also finding the back of the net, and Baum earned the first hat-trick of the game. Bitter capped the game off with a hat trick of his own, but it didn’t seem to be enough for Maverik United.

LXM PRO Dallas 214 2013
Bitter with the hat-trick

There was a clear reason the STX defensive unit was awarded the MVP honors, as Matt Russell was lights out in goal and Maverik couldn’t buy an uncontested shot at times. The game got physical, with Russell leaving his crease to bang it out with Erik Krum during loose ball situations behind GLE. Krum got the best of Matt on a side step while Matt was bodying up on “man”. Russell got the last laugh when snuffing out the final Maverik attempts and finalizing the score at 10-9. The game ended with a timeout called by Maverik, which didn’t go as they planned, as D3 legend Tommy Kehoe made a highlight takeaway check and Maxx Davis put game away with the ground ball to secure the win.

LXM PRO Dallas 214 2013
Time to give back!

I assure you the game is worth going back and watching, Maverik United was hungry to get back in to contention, but it just didn’t work out that way. You can find the game only on TLN.

Next up is Tucson, AZ on the 23rd. With only 4 events left, Maverik needs to get some wins in succession, or Team STX will pull away as clear LXM PRO champions, and will have the all of bragging rights until next year!

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