Major League Lacrosse Announces 2013 Schedule


Below, you can find the full MLL schedule for 2013. It’s going to be a big year of pro field lacrosse for the MLL, and the league is once again trying some new things (like two games in New York City!), while sticking with some of the scheduling concepts that have worked.

Start making your Summer plans now, and make sure the MLL fits in to that plan somehow!

2013 Major League Lacrosse Schedule


*All times Eastern

Saturday4/27/2013DenverCharlotte7:00 PM
Saturday4/27/2013ChesapeakeRochester7:30 PM
Sunday4/28/2013BostonNew York3:30 PM
Saturday5/4/2013HamiltonBoston7:00 PM
Saturday5/4/2013New YorkChesapeake7:00 PM
Saturday5/4/2013CharlotteRochester7:00 PM
Saturday5/4/2013DenverOhio8:00 PM
Saturday5/11/2013DenverBoston7:00 PM
Saturday5/11/2013RochesterCharlotte7:00 PM
Saturday5/11/2013OhioChesapeake7:00 PM
Saturday5/11/2013New YorkHamilton7:00 PM
Friday5/17/2013CharlotteHamilton11:00 AM
Saturday5/18/2013ChesapeakeBoston7:00 PM
Saturday5/18/2012New YorkOhio8:00 PM
Saturday5/18/2013RochesterDenver9:00 PM
Thursday5/23/2013HamiltonOhio7:30 PM
Friday5/31/2013CharlotteNew York7:30 PM
Friday5/31/2013BostonDenver9:30 PM
Saturday6/1/2013HamiltonChesapeake7:00 PM
Sunday6/2/2013OhioRochester4:00 PM
Thursday6/6/2013ChesapeakeNew York7:00 PM
Friday6/7/2012BostonRochester8:00 PM
Saturday6/8/2013OhioCharlotte7:00 PM
Saturday6/8/2013HamiltonDenver8:00 PM
Thursday6/13/2013HamiltonNew York7:00 PM
Saturday6/15/2013BostonCharlotte7:00 PM
Saturday6/15/2013DenverChesapeake7:00 PM
Saturday6/15/2013RochesterOhio7:30 PM
Saturday6/22/2013New YorkBoston7:00 PM
Saturday6/22/2013ChesapeakeCharlotte7:00 PM
Saturday6/22/2013RochesterHamilton7:00 PM
Saturday6/22/2013OhioDenver9:00 PM
Saturday6/29/2013ChesapeakeHamilton7:00 PM
Saturday6/29/2013BostonOhio7:30 PM
Saturday6/29/2013CharlotteDenver9:00 PM
Sunday6/30/2013New YorkRochester4:00 PM
Thursday7/4/2013New YorkDenver9:00 PM
Saturday7/6/2013CharlotteBoston8:00 PM
Saturday7/6/2013ChesapeakeOhio7:30 PM
Sunday7/7/2012HamiltonRochester4:00 PM
Saturday7/13/132012 MLL All-Star GameCharlotte4:00 PM
Thursday7/18/2013BostonChesapeake7:30 PM
Friday7/19/2013DenverRochester7:30 PM
Saturday7/20/2013New YorkCharlotte4:00 PM
Saturday7/20/2012OhioHamilton7:30 PM
Saturday7/27/2013ChesapeakeDenver2:00 PM
Saturday7/27/2013BostonHamilton7:00 PM
Saturday7/27/2013RochesterNew York7:00 PM
Saturday7/27/2013CharlotteOhio7:00 PM
Saturday8/3/2013OhioBoston4:00 PM
Saturday8/3/2013HamiltonCharlotte7:00 PM
Saturday8/3/2013RochesterChesapeake7:00 PM
Sunday8/4/2013DenverNew York3:30 PM
Saturday8/10/2013RochesterBoston7:00 PM
Saturday8/10/2013CharlotteChesapeake7:00 PM
Saturday8/10/2013DenverHamilton7:00 PM
Saturday8/10/2013OhioNew York7:00 PM
Saturday8/25/122012 MLL Semi-Final #1PPL Park1:00 PM
Saturday8/25/122012 MLL Semi-Final #2PPL Park4:00 PM
Sunday8/26/122012 MLL ChampionshipPPL Park3:00 PM

So who do YOU think will win it all in 2013? With all the movement in the draft, it could be anyone’s season to win!

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