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Maryland and Johns Hopkins played in a classic as the Terps scored three late goals to secure an undefeated regular season.
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Maryland & Johns Hopkins Create Another Classic – DI Rundown Week 11

Maryland and Johns Hopkins played in another instant classic as the Terps came back from a two-goal deficit in under two minutes to steal The Rivalry and complete an undefeated regular season. Johns Hopkins delivered Maryland its first game in a long time that required a fierce and intense fourth quarter, which could come in handy when much more is on the line soon.

The Maryland-Johns Hopkins showdown was one part of a one-goal game week across the Big Ten, and there were some massive outcomes in the ACC, too. Syracuse bounced back against Virginia, and Notre Dame fell victim to both Duke and North Carolina, providing Maryland-Johns Hopkins with plenty of competition for the week’s best contest.

And on top of it all, the Ivy League is back! With its season deferred earlier this spring, the Ivy League has allowed teams to play games against other schools that are within 100 miles of campus. That means we actually got to see a few Ivies take the field this past week, leading to some interesting matchups against DIII Tufts and Cabrini. We also saw Marist return to the field, where it played Quinnipiac in the Bobcats’ last game of the year as it halted its season afterwards.

Now, onto the rundown!

Maryland & Johns Hopkins Create Another Classic – DI Rundown Week 11



Quinnipiac 9 v Marist 14


Notre Dame 12 v Duke 13


Monmouth 7 v Canisius 8

Brown 12 v Boston U 5

Penn 23 v Cabrini 9


Hofstra 8 v Drexel 12

Bellarmine 7 v Jacksonville 8

Army 4 v Navy 9

St. John’s 11 v Denver 19

VMI 9 v Mercer 17

Marquette 8 v Villanova 19

Providence 5 v Georgetown 14

Delaware 16 v Towson 8

NJIT 8 v Albany 18

Siena 6 v St. Bonaventure 11

High Point 13 v Air Force 8

LIU 13 v Saint Joseph’s 14

Syracuse 13 v Virginia 11

Merrimack 10 v Hobart 14

Manhattan 7 v Marist 14

Vermont 7 v Binghamton 10

Utah 11 v Cleveland State 9

Loyola 11 v Lafayette 7

Bucknell 12 v Lehigh 18

Bryant 20 v Sacred Heart 12

UMass 21 v Fairfield 14

Penn State 10 v Ohio State 9

Maryland 14 v Johns Hopkins 13

UMBC 14 v Stony Brook 13


Rutgers 13 v Michigan 12

Notre Dame 10 v North Carolina 12

Richmond 21 v Mercer 8

Tufts 15 v Dartmouth 9

UMass-Lowell v Hartford

Wagner v Mount St. Mary’s

Quinnipiac v Detroit

Conference Comparison

This is the section of the rundown to keep track of how conferences are doing against each other. Intra-conference games are not part of the records below.

Ivy League1-01.0001.000
Big East6-40.6000.000
America East5-70.4170.000
Big Ten0-0

*2021 Independents: Utah, Robert Morris, Cleveland State, Hampton (2021 season is suspended)

The only non-conference game of the weekend was Brown v BU. Technically, Penn and Dartmouth’s games were interconference as well, but they also spanned divisions. I have not counted those as part of this table all year (Utah and BU specifically come to mind as playing out of division). So because of this little loophole, the Ivy goes all the way to No. 1 in the table with a perfect winning percentage instead of being 2-1 and slotted right behind the ACC.

Conference Standings & Tournaments


Duke12-14-1Remaining: @ UNC
North Carolina10-23-2Remaining: v Duke
Notre Dame6-32-3Remaining: v Cuse
Syracuse6-42-3Remaining: @ND
Virginia10-42-4Regular Season Complete

There will be no ACC Men’s Lacrosse Championship this season (regular-season champion will be the official ACC champion).

Other than already being a historic research triangle rivalry, Duke-UNC now has the ACC title on the line. If Syracuse can beat Notre Dame, it would lock up the third spot in the league.

Big Ten

Maryland*10-010-0Remaining: B1G Semis
Rutgers8-28-2Remaining: B1G Semis
Penn State4-64-6Remaining: B1G Quarters
Ohio State4-64-6Remaining: B1G Quarters
Johns Hopkins2-82-8Remaining: B1G Quarters
Michigan2-82-8Remaining: B1G Quarters

*Clinched Regular Season Title

All teams make the conference tournament, but the top two seeds get byes (Maryland and Rutgers). The first games will take place at campus sites, then the semifinals and finals will be played at Penn State on Thursday, May 6 and Saturday, May 8, respectively. Note: a coin flip determined the winner of the Michigan/Hopkins tie, and Michigan will be the No. 5 seed. Maryland will await the UM-OSU winner while PSU-Johns Hopkins will meet for the right to play Rutgers.


Delaware*9-26-1Remaining: v UMass
Drexel*7-25-2Remaining: @ Towson
UMass4-44-3Remaining: @ Delaware
Hofstra6-53-4Remaining: v Fairfield
Towson6-73-4Remaining: v Drexel
Fairfield2-80-7Remaining: @ Hofstra

Championship: May 6 & 8, 2021 – Hofstra University/Hempstead, New York – Top 4 teams

With only four teams allowed into the postseason, Delaware and Drexel are both in the CAA Tournament for sure. There would be some math happening if Hofstra and Towson win while UMass loses, which is actually a completely reasonable outcome.

Big East

Marquette3-82-7Remaining: @ St. John’s
St. John’s1-90-9Remaining: v Marquette

Championship: May 6 & 8, 2021 – Providence, Rhode Island – Top 4 teams

The field is determined now, and Providence should be the fourth team. Even if Marquette beats St. John’s, it ties Providence, and while those two split their head to head, Providence gets the nod.


Army*6-44-23-0Remaining: v Colgate
Boston*6-34-23-2League games complete
Colgate*2-52-31-2Remaining: @ Army
Holy Cross2-41-30-3Season Canceled
Lehigh*!9-08-06-0League games complete
Loyola*6-54-34-2League games complete
Navy5-23-22-2Remaining: @ Lafayette
Bucknell2-61-51-4Remaining: @ Lafayette
Lafayette0-100-70-5Remaining: v Navy, v Bucknell

*Clinched Playoff

!Clinched Division

Championship: Top 3 teams from each Division, Hosted by Lehigh.

With the new Patiot League Championship format, the top three teams from each division get in. On May 4, the No. 3 team will play the No. 2 team from its division, then the games move to Lehigh on May 7, when the winner of those quarterfinal games play the No. 1 seeds.


Richmond*6-45-0Remaining: v Air Force
Jacksonville*7-54-1Remaining: @ High Point
High Point*5-54-1Remaining: v Jacksonville
Air Force3-82-3Remaining: @ Richmond
Mercer5-72-3Remaining: @ Bellarmine
Bellarmine4-101-4Remaining: v Mercer
VMI1-90-6League Games Complete

*Clinched Playoff

Championship: May 5 & 7, 2021 – Richmond, Virginia – Top 4 teams

The tournament field here comes down to Air Force and Mercer.


Saint Joseph’s*7-37-0League games complete
LIU*6-35-2Remaining: v Bryant
Bryant6-34-4Remaining: @ LIU, v Mount St. Mary’s
Hobart4-24-2Remaining: @ Wagner, v Sacred Heart
Merrimack5-54-4League games complete
Mount St. Mary’s3-91-5Remaining: @ Bryant
Wagner1-61-4Remaining: v Hobart
Sacred Heart1-110-7Remaining: v Hobart

*Clinched Playoff

Championship: Four-team, single-elimination NEC Championship will take place at the high seed on May 6 & 8.

There are still a handful of games left, but only half of the field is known right now. It’s down to Bryant, Merrimack, and Hobart for the final two spots.


Marist3-02-0League games complete
Monmouth5-24-2League games complete
Quinnipiac4-34-2Season Complete
Manhattan4-44-3League games complete
Canisius4-43-3League games complete
Detroit3-33-2League games complete
St. Bonaventure4-42-4League games complete
Siena0-70-6League games complete

Championship: May 5 & 8, Top 4 teams. All games are hosted by each matchup’s highest seed. 

Quinnipiac has withdrawn from the tournament, so even though it’s listed in the third spot right now, it’s done for the year. What I’m not sure is if that hurts or helps Detroit, who Quinnipiac was supposed to play this past weekend. Detroit was on the bubble and loses a shot at breaking from being .500. And with Marist now entering the mix by playing again, can it get enough games in soon enough to qualify?

America East

UMBC*7-26-2Remaining: @ NJIT
Stony Brook*8-46-2Remaining: @ Vermont
Albany*7-35-2Remaining: v Hartford
Vermont5-45-2Remaining: v Stony Brook
Binghamton4-44-4Remaining:  @ UMass-Lowell
Hartford2-52-5Remaining: v UMass-Lowell, @ Albany
UMass Lowell1-71-6Remaining: @ Hartford, v Binghamton
NJIT1-91-7Remaining: v UMBC

Championship: May 6 & 8, 2021 – No. 1 seed is host – Top 4 teams

From what I can tell, only UMBC, Stony Brook, and Albany are saying they have clinched a spot in the tournament. Given the conference records, it would make sense that Vermont would also be in over Binghamton, who it just lost to.

DI Independent

Robert Morris6-5Remaining: @ Utah
Utah4-6Remaining: v Robert Morris
Cleveland St.2-7Remaining: @ VMI

Obviously the Independents don’t have a conference tournament or an AQ to play for, so any postseason hopes rely on a potential at large bid. Only Robert Morris has a shot at being above .500, but they only have good losses, no good wins. So, likely no postseason for the Independents this year.

Ivy League

Penn1-00-0No other games scheduled
Brown1-00-0No other games scheduled
Dartmouth0-10-04/27 – Saint Anselm (DII)

The Ivy League is playing, so we might as well add it!

Also, the Ivy League rules say you need to be within 100 miles of your opponent. Brown is 176 miles from Dartmouth and 276 from UPenn. Harvard and Yale look like they will not be playing at all, leaving a Penn-Princeton game as the only possible match. So the odds of seeing any Ivy League teams play each other are not looking good right now.

Reschedule Tracker

I’ll be using this section to keep track of which games are postponed or canceled as the season goes on as that information will easily get lost in the shuffle. Every season always has a few games postponed or canceled due to weather or travel issues, but as you’ll see below, this season is already going to be quite a bit different.

Also note: the “Games Scheduled” will include new games added, which may make the percentages look different compared to the missed games listed below. For example: Colgate and Robert Morris both had games canceled, so they played each other, meaning there are two games cancelled but one game played as scheduled.

Games scheduled: 358

Games played: 316 (88.0%)

Games played as scheduled: 295 (82.4%)

This Week’s Games


Hobart v Wagner

Bryant v LIU


Denver v Villanova

Albany v Vermont


Fairfield v Hofstra

UMass v Delaware

Marquette v St. John’s

Mount St. Mary’s v Bryant

Binghamton v UMass-Lowell



Robert Morris v Utah

Stony Brook v Vermont

Jacksonville v High Point

Drexel v Towson

Lehigh v Villanova

Hartford v Albany

Georgetown v Loyola

Air Force v Richmond

Syracuse v Notre Dame

Bucknell v Lafayette

Cleveland State v VMI

Navy v Lafayette

Mercer v Bellarmine

Michigan v Ohio State

Johns Hopkins v Penn State


Duke v North Carolina

What to Watch


Denver v Villanova

Albany v Vermont


UMass v Delaware


Stony Brook v Vermont

Jacksonville v High Point

Lehigh v Villanova

Georgetown v Loyola

Syracuse v Notre Dame

Michigan v Ohio State

Johns Hopkins v Penn State


Duke v North Carolina

The slate is a little smaller at this point in time, but I would expect to see a few games start popping onto the schedule as more reschedules happen and teams looking to boost their resumes hit the phones. Aside from the ACC games, Saturday marks the start of the Big Ten Tournament, which could have major impacts on the NCAA Tournament field if someone can knock off Maryland. The rest of the games are mostly for seeding purposes in various conference tournaments.

Catch Up on the DI Rundown

This is the 12th DI Rundown of the season. If you want to see what you missed earlier in the campaign, you’ve come to the right place.

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