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Tim Ahner - Head of Maryland Lacrosse Equipment Managers

Maryland Lacrosse Equipment Managers: “The Rest of The Best”

The Maryland Lacrosse Equipment Managers play a very important role on the men’s team. Without them, the players and coaches would have way too much responsibility.

The Maryland Lacrosse Equipment Managers play a very important role on the men’s team. Without them, the players and coaches – who already have very busy lives themselves – would inherit way more responsibility for the way things are handled off the field.

Case in point: Every day Tim Ahner and the student managers setup practice before it starts, making sure the gear of every player and coach is clean and ready to go before it needs to be used again.There’s always something that needs to be done for the team whether that’s preparing an upcoming weekend of traveling (read: the NCAA Final Four) or setting up a player a new pair of gloves.

Video by Brett Roberts for a UMD journalism class.

Certainly one thing is true about Division I teams, without equipment managers they simply wouldn’t be able to function. At UMD and many other institutions across the country, the lacrosse players just have to focus on playing lacrosse. I know what you MCLA club guys are thinking…. “LUCKY. Wish I was born with a stick in my hands too!” ;)

Many of the tasks completed by the Maryland Lacrosse Equipment Managers take place in The Dungeon or the Varsity Team House. Team gear is stored at both locations. Every single helmet, glove, hoodie, or other piece of equipment is numbered and put in a specific spot for each player, allowing the gear to always be easily accessible to the players

Although you never see the Maryland Lacrosse Equipment Managers on the field scoring goals or causing turnovers, the team would suffer without them by its side. Instead of just being able to just show up to practice, players or coaches would have to help set up the field, clean the locker room, restring pockets mid-game, and more. Players would probably have to wash their own gear after games and practices, too. Personally, that’s a lot of laundry I wouldn’t want to do!

On game day, it’s the job of the Maryland Lacrosse Equipment Managers to make sure every player has everything he needs to successfully play to the best of his ability.

One big bonus of that responsibility? These guys get their hands on TONS of sweet gear! Check out some of it below:

Cascade R

Price: $249.99

The chromed out Cascade R, a style option that I believe has a chance to become very popular in the next few years due to the fact that it simply looks good with all colors. Every logo I have seen on the side really stands out whether that’s the Maryland M, Albany Great Dane, or Syracuse S. The R itself is also the best helmet on the market in my humble opinion.

If you’re currently searching for a new helmet, check out the R. You won’t regret it.

Under Armor Highlights

Price: $129.99

The Under Armor Highlight Cleats are definitely one of the most popular pairs of footwear in the game right now.The overall design of these high-cleats as been an absolute hit since it was unveiled a couple years back. These days it seems like at every lacrosse game I watch there are at least 1/4 or more of the players wearing these. If you haven’t tried them out and don’t have cleats you currently like, definitely give them a chance by visiting

Under Armor Engage

Price: $169.99

Maryland always has great looking equipment and the Under Armor Engage gloves above definitely fall into that category. If the #1 team in the nation is rocking them, then so am I! Am I right?! You probably only get to choose one color scheme so make sure its the right one by going to

Under Armor VFT Arm Guards

Price: $89.99

The arm guards that the Terrapins have been wearing this season are the VFT from Under Armor. These are top-of-the-line arm guards that give your entire elbow great protection, enabling you to take more checks. I also think they look sleeker and cleaner than a lot of the other elbow pads on the market.

Make sure you tune in this coming weekend to catch the Final Four in Philadelphia. The Terps play Brown in the semifinals and the other match up is Loyola versus UNC.

It’s surely going to be a crazy weekend for the Maryland Lacrosse Equipment Managers and all the others in attendance, too. Just a quick reminder to all of them: Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and eat food!

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