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Maverik Signs CJ Costabile: Perfect Fit

Maverik announced today that they have signed CJ Costabile as their newest lacrosse representative. This move marks a big signing for Maverik, and is a great fit for CJ Costabile, who is redefining the role of the longstick midfielder in lacrosse.

Costabile plays punishing defense, wins face offs, scores goals, and handles the ball as well as any pole in the game. He’s a do-it-all kind of guy, who has good size, plenty of speed and skill, and a motor that just doesn’t stop. What makes him a perfect fit for Maverik is that their equipment is suited really well for that type of game. Costabile is like a living, breathing version of the ideal Maverik athlete.

The padding and gloves are lightweight and cut down, but still protective. The shafts are also light, but strong, and they can take a lot of abuse. But the main synergy key here is the Spider head…

It’s designed to flex in the right places, and that makes it good for face offs. Chris Eck swears by it. It’s stiff and strong, making it good for playing D, and the head strings up easily, for a great offensive pocket. It’s designed to be used by anyone, and having CJ Costabile prove that by using the product should only help Mav’s case.

Expect more big news coming out of Maverik in the coming months, and we hear their new commercial is going to be pretty cool!