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MCLA Poll – March 21st

LaxAllStars is headed back to its roots and will be publishing a weekly MCLA lacrosse poll, Presented by Axia Time. Stay tuned as we dive into club lacrosse this season! 


What changed this week? Chapman dropped a tight one to Utah Valley 6-5, BYU tops Liberty 14-12, the Gauchos make their first appearance.

1. BYU (6-0)

2. Utah Valley (6-0)  

3. Texas (9-0) 

4. Chapman (7-1) 

5. Virginia Tech (8-1) 

6. San Diego State (9-0)

7. Liberty (7-3) 

8. Georgia Tech (9-2) 

9. South Carolina (6-2)  

10. UC Santa Barbara (4-2)


What changed? The top continues to win, but all eyes will be on St.Thomas in April as they play 3 top 10 teams in three days. Dayton is hanging on by a thread but has two opportunities to impress this weekend against Florida Atlantic and Minnesota-Duluth.

1. Air Force Academy (7-0) 

2. St. Thomas (MN) (9-0) 

3. Grand Valley State Univ (3-0) 

4. UNC Charlotte (8-0) 

5. Montana State (6-1) 

6. Univ. Rhode Island (4-0) 

7. Coastal Carolina (7-1) 

8. Florida Atlantic (7-2) 

9. Kennesaw State (6-2) 

10. Dayton (1-2) 

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