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The college lacrosse season is finally approaching, and while we don't have schedules or full rosters yet, here's an early preseason top 20.
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Men's D1 Lacrosse Preseason Top 20: Before the Schedules

Well, it’s January. We do not have any idea who plays who. We do not have any idea when most teams are going to start playing. But did those facts, or lack of facts, stop the preseason Nike/US Lacrosse top 20 from dropping? No, sir, it did not. Therefore, neither is it going to stop me from ranting and raving about my own college lacrosse preseason top 20.

Now, to be abundantly clear, this poll has absolutely nothing to do with that one. I am not trying to react to what Nike/US Lacrosse has put out. I am here just to create my own, original work. I will leave the reactions to my good friend, Ryan Conwell, whose “Is This Poll Serious” series should continue on during this upcoming 2021 campaign.

Rather, I will use what Nike/US Lacrosse has done as an excuse for myself to make the leap into the future, too. This way, I can release my first personal poll of the season without repudiation. It affords me the opportunity to talk through the why and how of the 20 teams that made our list.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on my men’s NCAA DI lacrosse preseason top 20 down below. I know plenty of you will have feelings about my selections. If my explanations aren’t enough for you, I am prepared with additional defenses. I love a good debate.

So, now with my questionably necessary excuses out of the way, let’s dive in: