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Men's elite women's elite Vail Lacrosse Shootout 2021

Men’s Elite, Women’s Elite Kick Off in Vail

The second half of the 49th Annual Vail Lacrosse Shootout kicked off with the Men’s and Women’s Elite divisions and the Men’s Masters (30+) division. The Men’s Elite division completed the first round of their single-elimination bracket, sending eight teams to the quarterfinals tomorrow. The Women’s Elite completed pool play, determining placements for three conferences. Bracket play will start tomorrow. The Men’s Masters completed their first of three days of round robin and will continue tomorrow.

Men’s & Women’s Elite Kick Off in Vail

Results for Thursday, July 1

Men’s Elite
Scorebreak/ 3, Texas Forever 8 
The Deli 9, Magic Wands 16 
Rogue 7, Sons of Joe 9 
Rocky Mountain Oysters 11, Omnia 9 
Mohawk Tile 8, Nut Chasers 5 
Finkel & Garf 9, Low Key Boys 27 
Black Seals 10, Silver Bullets 6 
BGH 17, Spire 11 
Spire 18, 10th Mountain Whiskey 14

Women’s Elite
The Tools 17, Orange County 2 
LGR 20, Renegades 2 
Pete’s Margs 14, Orange County 2 
Renegades 11, CO Laxers 
Pete’s Margs 7, The Tools 10 
LGR 14, CO Laxers 5 
Win or Booze 12, Landsharks 4 
5th Beers 17, Ripshaw 2 
5th Beers 19, Landsharks 3 
Win or Booze 14, Ripshaw 6

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Pool Play Results 
Conference A 
1- The Tools 
2- Pete’s Margs 
3- Orange County 
Conference B 
1- 5th Beers 
2- Win or Booze 
3- Landsharks 
4- Ripshaw 
Conference C 
1- LGR 
2- CO Laxers 
3- Renegades

Men's elite women's elite Vail Lacrosse Shootout 2021
A goal scored from behind the back from #19, Kelsey Shankle, was one of 20 by the team in a big win against Renegades. Photo courtesy @vaillacrosse on Instagram.

Men’s Masters
Team DLL 7, Silver Oysters Laxgear 11 
10th Mountain Whiskey 12, Silver Oysters Laxgear 9 
10th Mountain Whiskey 12, Tony’s Tavern 9 
Team DLL 4, Yardsale 14

Schedule for Friday, July 2 (Day 7)

Men’s Elite
Ford 1 East 
9:00am       Mohawk Tile vs. Low Key Boys  
11:00am     Black Seals vs. BGH  
1:00pm       Texas Forever vs. Magic Wands 
Ford 2 West 
9:30am       Sons of Joe vs. Rocky Mountain Oysters 
11:30am     Rogue vs. Omnia 
1:30pm       Nut Chasers vs. Finkel & Garf 
Edwards Turf 
9:30am       10th Mountain Whiskey vs. Scorebreak/ 
11:30am     Silver Bullets vs. Spire 
1:30pm       The Deli vs. Winner Game 14

Women’s Elite
8:30am       Orange County vs. Renegades 
9:40am       Ripshaw vs. Pete’s Margs 
10:50am     Winner Game 1 vs. The Tools 
12:00pm     5th Beers vs. Winner Game 2 
1:10pm       Landsharks vs. LGR 
2:20pm       CO Laxers vs. Win or Booze

Men’s Masters
Vail Mountain School 
9:30am       Tony’s Tavern vs. Yardsale 
11:00am     10th Mountain Whiskey vs. Team DLL 
12:30pm     Yardsale vs. Silver Oysters Laxgear

Vail Lacrosse Shootout Schedules

High School Boys & Girls (U19): June 27th – 30th 
Zenmasters (60 & Over): June 26th – June 28th 
Grandmasters (50 & over): June 26th – June 28th 
Supermasters (40 & over): June 26th – June 28th 
Elite Men & Women: July 1st– 4th 
Masters Men & Women (30 & over): July 1st – 3rd

In case you missed them, you can find out daily updates on the 49th Vail Lacrosse Shootout here, and stay tuned for continuing photos and recaps throughout the event.

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