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UPDATED: Michigan Lacrosse Unofficially Moving To NCAA Division 1 In 2013

The University of Michigan will be creating a Division 1 Men’s NCAA Lacrosse team.  The school will also be adding a women’s program.  At least that’s what we took from the’s recent report, which is linked to below.  Maybe it just means that Michigan will be financially supporting the men’s lacrosse team fully but that it will remain in the MCLA.  It’s possible that this isn’t even true and we need to temper our expectations.  Perhaps the programs’ recent MCLA dominance has warped our view on what we consider newsworthy.

There have been rumors floating around for years that this would happen, but similar things were heard about the FSU program a couple of years ago too and nothing ever came of it.  Now that the insinuation is supposedly coming from the Michigan AD, the news seems that much more real and we’re more willing to run with it.  Division 1 NCAA Michigan Lacrosse.  It’s finally becoming a reality, we think.

Replace BYU with Penn State in 2013! Big Moves. photo via

Michigan Will Add Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse in 2013 |

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